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20 funny posts from expecting moms who experienced ‘pregnancy brain.’


Growing a whole human being inside your body takes a lot of physical and mental energy. Somehow, you're supposed to carry out your regular work, household tasks, eat, sleep, and hold adult conversations while all the blood goes to your stomach to grow a baby?!

While every single pregnant woman deserves a medal for managing to exist while a freeloader saps their energy, it's still completely natural for expectant mothers to experience "pregnancy brain," a state of perpetual forgetfulness and confusion largely caused by exhaustion.

As frustrating as they can be in the moment, pregnancy brain farts are deeply entertaining from the outside. So, if you need a laugh or a commiseration nod, here are 20 funny posts from pregnant women going through it.

1. TFW you forget the baby is still in your stomach.

2. TFW you forget where you work while doing your job.

3. TFW you forget why you walked into the bathroom in the first place.

4. Who needs both eyebrows anyways?

5. Mornings are hard enough when you're not growing a tiny human.

6. TFW you forget about the car.

7. TFW baby oil doesn't quite quench your thirst.

8. Who needs matching shoes anyways?

9. TFW the keys are fresh and chilled.

10. Breakfast is hard.

11. Nothing hits the spot like freshly chilled Tide.

When you put laundry detergent in the fridge #pregobrain

A post shared by Tycha (@alwayschasingmychase) on

12. To be fair, this is a perfect dinner.

13. Some mistakes are more expensive than others.

14. Pregnancy brain, but make it fashion.

15. Language is a labyrinth.

16. TFW you send mail to no address.

17. TFW you find a new hiding place for the milk.

The struggle is real ya’ll #pregnancybrain #foggyminds

A post shared by Adrienne (@sugar_n_sp1c3) on

18. To be fair, this would be a balanced meal for a college student.

19. Hey, at least they aren't too doughy.

20. It's helpful to have a supportive partner through the pregnancy brain moments.

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