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17 people share their most embarrassing 'oops, wrong room' moments.


Calling the wrong phone number or sending a text or email to the wrong person can be embarrassing, but walking into the wrong place is an entirely different feeling...

There's no graceful way to walk into the wrong hotel or hospital room, or apologize for interrupting a heartfelt school presentation or work meeting. Most of the time, people are understanding and you can duck out slowly before causing any further red-faced, cringe-inducing damage. For the moments that can't be salvaged though, they remain forever in your most embarrassing stash of memories. The time the entire cast of your middle school production of "Beauty and the Beast?" saw you walk backstage in nothing but your underwear and a lampshade hat because you thought it was the door to the dressing room? The time you walked into the wrong doctor's room in an open-backed paper dress holding a cup of your own pee?

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "What is your embarrassing story of 'oops wrong room'?" people were ready to share the cringe-worthy times they walked through the wrong door.


Had an internship as a nurse. My job in the morning was going around and measuring blood pressure and pulse of basically all the patients on the station.

One day I walked into a room and cheerfully said good morning. A group of crying relatives looked at me. The patient died over night and no one told me. - CMDR_Duzro


Jumped into the wrong car and the driver thought I was highjacking him. - morbidshadow


Tried to find a bathroom at a house party when I was about 15. Walked in on the host’s older sister and her boyfriend doing it. Have never seen so much panic and anger in someone’s face. - WembleyToast


I was on a safari with my family. For a game drive, you wake up super duper early to go and see the animals. Had to get something from another tent, then returned to mine. Wasn't wearing my contacts yet, and upon returning to my tent, I opened the zipper, I was standing in the doorway and suddenly something moved in my bed. I high-pitched screamed which was answered by an evenly loud scream of some guy who was equally shocked someone was screaming in the doorway of his tent at 5:30 AM. Yeah turns out my tent was the next one. - Blueberry_North236


Went grocery shopping, two days after moving into my new apartment. Came back, wondered why the door was unlocked, and let myself in to see the layout slightly different. My downstairs neighbour then poked her head out from the living room and just looked at me. I noped out of there and hastily went up to my own floor. Great introduction though. - solace-in-misery


last week I walked into my grandfather chainsawing a moose head in our garage. - esklonkku


When I was about 15 I went to this house party and was trying to find the bathroom. I opened this one door and locked eyes with these dudes having sex. Ended up becoming really good friends with one the guys I walked in on. - spazmcgee1


I work at a hospital. Used to be a CNA on a labor and delivery unit. I walked in on a couple having sex.... After the baby was born. Incredible. I wasn't disgusted, I was impressed. - mrdewtles


Literally walked into the next door neighbors house the day after I moved into a new house because I was staying in my college town to intern. The houses were identical damn near and it was like 6:30 or 7 in the morning. "Oh shit. Wrong house" ran off the doorstep into mine. - HolaPapito


Went to friend's room at a camp to return a pair of scissors, forgot to knock, saw her very passionately kissing another friend. I was like "yup, here is your scissors" and left. - -Eyafjallajokull


I once walked in the wrong classrooms and ended up sitting in there for about 10 minutes until I realized it was the wrong classroom. (It was the beginning of the year) - _Under_score_96


Easter 1997 or 1998. My boyfriends mom had a new husband and he invited us to his step daughter’s house (from a previous marriage). Boyfriend and I drive separately and he had gotten the address from his non-English speaking mom. We get to the house, the screen door is shut but the door is open so we kind of walk right in. I take off my shoes and walk to the kitchen, since we know absolutely no one there, we ask for the new husband. Everyone kind of looks at us like we are crazy and finally someone says, “ I think you are in the wrong house.” We were. - Nerdinlaw


When I was a kid. We had a swimming pool in our school. There were two changing rooms. The first time I went there I of course went to the male one. Second time the rooms had been interchanged and there were no signs. I went in there - MasterWayne09


I ordered a meal online at a new chicken place in town and when I got there to pick up my order I got some really confused looks followed by the sentence "I think you are at the wrong place". I I apparantly walked into a coffee shop which was also new in town and I didn't notice the strong coffee smell or the lack of chickens. - Prituh


Walking into my senior music classroom to see a few students having an orgy. - Material-Mechanic431


Worked for a motel as a handyman and had to go fix a shelf in one of the rooms. Knocked on the door, called out maintenance and walked straight into a room where a guy was giving himself a thorough checkout! Reversed out of that room so quick, I left boot marks on the carpet. Told the cleaning staff that they should probably wear gloves when they clean up in there. - NoideaLessinterest


I was doing my nursing internship at an orthopedic unit and went in one afternoon to check on my patient who had broken both arms due to a traffic accident and found his 8months pregnant wife “helping him." They were too busy to notice me and I just went silently out - yagirl_istired

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