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22 people share the craziest thing they've ever witnessed at a party.


A long, long time ago, there existed a social phenomenon known ads the "party." It involved a group of friends and acquaintances, a substancial quantity of alcohol and other mind-altering substances, and was often followed by enough shame and regret to last a lifetime. Parties may be on hold for the time being, but at least we'll always have the very fuzzy memories.

Someone asked Reddit: "What is the craziest thing you witnessed at a party?" These 22 people share their wildest, most unforgettable party stories:

1.) From AlienAle:

There's a certain club in Berlin.. if you go to the men's bathroom you're almost certainly going to run into this one guy, who's been there for years, who will beg you and other random men to piss on his face, and thank you if you do. He will do it for hours every night. He is pretty polite and doesn't force you to piss on him, though he will beg you for it.

I've seen a lot of crazy things but this one dude is impossible to forget.

2.) From da_buckster:

Got a gun pointed at my crotch by the girl whose apartment the party was at. She laughed and said it wasn't loaded.

Then some guy called her back over to the table where he was sitting. He said, "give me that." And proceeded to pull out the magazine.

I left about then.

3.) From adanipse:

These guys were trying to cook a pig which none of them have ever done, so these geniuses came up with a plan to build a fire pit, lay the pig on top, then place a cast iron bathtub over the pig to cook... all day.

When it was time to feed the partiers, they removed the tub to find nothing but ashes.

They cremated a pig.

4.) From Ulavala:

An extremely drunk/high guy (I have no idea, he was wobbling around and hallucinating) and he made my bed. I watched, also fairly drunk, from the corner of my room, as he fell on top of it over and over while attaching the sheets and tucking them under the mattress. Guy's mother must have drilled some crazy sense of duty into him.

5.) From BlueIcezentus:

Guy showed up with a duck on a leash. F**king wild man.

6.) From SalemScout:

Guy had a warrant out for his arrest for something stupid, no idea what. He saw flashing lights outside and panicked. He climbed out a tiny bathroom window without telling anyone and spent almost two hours on the roof, hiding in case the police came back.

It wasn't the police, it was the meter-maid checking for parking violations.

7.) From G_man252:

A friend of mine was extremely drunk and said 'Im gonna do a flip!' and did a complete front flip, landing on a plastic chair, which broke and sliced his arm open.

8.) From EngelskSauce:

Out by the bbq at the back of the house late at night and mates urging me to look through the toilet window, I did and it was my older sister having sex up against the door.

Our eyes met..it was horrible.

9.) From Guitarfoxx:

Austin, Texas 2008ish...

So one of my room mates hits me up and tells me about a party nearby and gives me the address. I don’t really know anyone there but I don’t really care because I’m gonna go get drunk anyway...

So I ride my bike over to some apartment complex and start looking for the right apt number. I take a turn around one of the buildings and suddenly I see a fully naked 20 something girl making out with a fully clothed 20 something dude in the parking lot. Both of them are too busy to notice me.

So I nope the f**k right out of there, and wonder how anyone could be that bold. I repeat this girl was full on naked, like without any socks or nothing in a parking lot alley of sorts at night.

I finally find the right apartment and my roommate still has not made it.

I break the ice with all these strangers by telling them about this weird ass scenario that just happened and everyone has a good laugh. It turns out a bunch of them live here too and they start to ask me what they looked liked.

Just as I am finishing the details about what the guy was wearing and what the girls hair looked liked, the couple walked right in the door...

Dead silence, then straight up “Hey, this new kid just saw you f**king in parking lot!” Followed by howling and cackling. The girl (who was surprisingly clothed now) turned bright red and dragged the speechless guy she was with to her room in dead silence.

By this point I felt like I f**ked up. I knew it would be a good ice breaker but I never would have in a million years expected them to walk in the door.

Then someone who lived there said not to worry about it and handed me a beer.

10.) From Deevoh7789:

I went to a college Halloween party about 8 years ago, there’s was this dude dressed up in a pink gorilla costume just going ham, life of the party! Dude went a little too hard, he ended up throwing up directly into his gorilla mask (while wearing it), and then followed it up by power yeeting himself down the stairs! An ambulance came for him and we saw him again the next morning when he returned as a regular coloured human and a cast on his leg.

11.) From uitSCHOT:

I walked into a literal f**kpile once, judging by the amount of limbs there were at least 5 people in it, with another 6 drinking booze sitting around the pile like it was a weird bonfire.

12.) From da-beehee-beegees:

Went to some girls house party who made the mistake of saying, when everyone was robbing her dads stuff: "Ok everyone can take just one item" Obviously that didn't go well her house got obliterated. She got kicked out by her parents not long after the party

13.) From randycolpek:

My friend's older brother Tim showed up uninvited. All night he kept asking everyone if they had seen his twin sister, she's here somewhere. I thought it was a little weird because he doesn't have a twin sister but I shrugged it off. There was probably 80-100 people there. All night, he makes it a point to ask each and every group, each and every single person if they had seen his twin sister, he can't find her. Around 1am, in one swift movement, he tucks his wiener between his legs, drops his pants to his ankles, kills the stereo and starts screaming "TWIN SISTER! TWIN SISTER!" while quickly shuffling all through the party. Good Job Tim.

14.) From Fyrifant:

A girl that said she wore 3 bras becaus it felt comfortable. She kept throwing bras around, and I counted about 4 when I had to pick them up after the party. She never returned to pick them up..

15.) From Dolphindollface:

Hosted a party once and stayed sober so my house wouldn’t turn into a wreck. Walked into my room and saw the biggest guy in my class (bodybuilding kind of big) drunk af sitting on my bed watching reruns of Spongebob Squarepants and eating nachos.

Then looked at me dead in the eye and said “what? It’s a good show”.

16.) From firefighter26s:

Drinking with a bunch of friends, one guys is smashed and spills his full drink all over the floor. He grabs the mop from the closet and starts mopping it up while the rest of us give him a hard time for wasting alcohol. Deadpan takes the mop, lifts it above his head and wrings it out into his mouth...

17.) From maggot-mosh-pit:

well, I once cooked some burgers for a party and after eating one the host had a heart attack. I call the recipe I use "heart attack burgers" now.

Yeah he's fine

18.) From apocalypticradish:

It was Halloween weekend and a friend and I were on his back porch having a cigarette and shooting the breeze when suddenly we heard glass break from the neighbor's house. A guy dressed as a ninja turtle was now fighting a guy dressed as a zombie in the side yard as others tried to stop them. A girl dressed as a fairy was crying and saying she didn't cheat on the ninja turtle guy and it was a misunderstanding.

We just stood there watching this unfold and then someone yelled about the cops being on their way. Everyone panicked and scattered, some people demanded that we let them hide in my friend's house. He said no and we both went inside. Later, we got the whole story from one of the guys who lived there. Ninja turtle guy thought his gf was cheating with zombie guy and decided to pick a fight. He shoved him into a door that had a glass pane and busted it (which was what we heard) and then the fight spilled into the side yard. It was so bizarre to watch two people in Halloween costumes beating the shit out of each other.

19.) From lucidparoxysm:

Host and their boyfriend having sex in the middle of the room and everyone else just sitting around watching tv and not really that bothered

20.) From wai_bother:

I was in a band, the crowd was invited to the afterparty for a show.

The guitarist was pretty....interesting. He invites 2 chicks that are friends to wrestle in a kiddie pool full of vegetable oil.

I had been in a committed relationship for a couple years at this point. Still wanted to watch, but, was not wanting to be disloyal. So the crowd is watching the two girls go at it, I watch until their tops come off, then exit the party

I see a sad looking teenager standing outside. Remembering being that age, and feeling bad, I say "hey, kid? Why so sad? You should go into the party, theres 2 chicks wrestling with their boobs hanging out!!"

"That's my sister" he said. I felt so awful. Ended up hanging out with him to try to make him feel better.

21.) From Insane_Misstral:

Not me personally but my brother with some friends were having a garden party late into the night. Other two friends were supposed to arrive later. So my brother sees headlights from car and 2 people coming to garden (it was midnight maybe) but it was dark. So he grabbed some bread they had for bbq, rolled it into balls and went on to surprise the guys. He jumped out of nowhere in the dark, throwing the bread and yelling. Well in next few seconds he was laying on the ground, face down with knee on his back. Police arrived because neighbours called them to calm the noise. Anyways, he explained everything and it ended peacefully. Fun story.

22.) From BrutalUnikorn:

A slice of pizza stuck to a cupboard. Just chilling, defying gravity.

23.) From fanaticfun:

This was when I was in high school. Kind of a nobody kid from another school decided to throw an “everyone is invited” party at his grandparents house. Turned into a house wrecker. Here are the major events that occurred:

-group of guys threw a queen sized mattress down the stairs that hit a guy who was standing there (he was okay)

-my friend emptied one of the large bottles of nesquick chocolate syrup on the entire kitchen floor causing multiple people to do a full cartoon style airborne slip backwards

-a football player ran full tilt at the tin shed in the back yard completely collapsing it on himself (he was okay too)

-someone set a pile of garbage on fire in the living room (was quickly put out)

-guy punched a hole in the wall and threw up in it

-all of the patio furniture ended up on the roof

-and the cherry on top when we were leaving: a guy went up to a female cop and asked for a high five and when she went to high five him, he slapped her across the face. To this day I’ve never seen a human run as fast as he ran away from her.

Anyway, there was between $50,000 and $70,000 total damage to the house and the kid got sent away to military or boarding school or something for a couple years. Haven’t heard of him since.

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