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People react to the 'Fyre Festival' Trump rally that left thousands of supporters stranded in the cold for hours.


Thousands of Trump supporters were stranded in near-freezing weather after the president's rally in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday night, sending several elderly people to the hospital with hypothermia.

It was 34 degrees when Trump wrapped his remarks and took off on Air Force One, but the the thousands of the supporters who were bussed in by the campaign to a remote airfield were left stranded at the rally site.

"Supporters of the President were brought in, but buses weren’t able to get back to transport people out. It’s freezing and snowy in Omaha tonight," Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt tweeted.

NBC News reports that "According to dispatches from Omaha Police department...at least 30 people including the elderly, an electric wheelchair user and a family with small children were among those requiring medical attention after hours of waiting in the cold at the rally at the Eppley Airfield."

It was such a catastrophe that one couldn't help but wonder whether Borat was involved, but the clusterf*ck was the work of the Trump campaign, not Sacha Baron Cohen.

Attendees tweeted about how they were upset with the way the night ended, which is the closest they get to criticizing Donald Trump.

Liberals, progressives and Twitter comedians (and progressive Twitter comedians) also had takes.

People compared the Trump rally to a famous poorly-planned grift that left gullible people in dangerous conditions: the notorious Fyre Festival.

Stay warm, and don't forget to vote.

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