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20 of the funniest posts about people’s cooking and baking fails.


While making food can be a sublime and centering experience, working in the kitchen also requires a good deal of attention, and one moment of forgetfulness can result in disaster.

Even the most prolific chefs have a few horror stories up their sleeves, it's part of the learning curve, but that doesn't stop the moments of utter failure from feeling deeply embarrassing.

Whether you're a seasoned chef who loves vibing in the kitchen, or you're terrified of fixing anything beyond a microwaved meal, these pictures of people struggling in the kitchen will likely feel less alone about your own gaffes. Plus, they're super funny.

1. TFW your ladybug rolls look like a character from The Labyrinth.

2. No commentary needed.

3. TFW your meal looks how everyone in 2020 feels.

4. Who among us hasn't been here?

5. TFW you truly lose your spoon.

6. French fries with a side of ash.

7. Even pasta can betray you.

8. Sometimes you realize your mistake at the moment it's too late.

9. An apple a day can break your apple cutter, apparently.

10. This deserves condolences.

11. To be fair, this burnt corn is beautiful visually.

12. TFW it's sweet potato season.

13. TFW your knife skills are too good.

14. Truly, all of us have been here.

15. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

16. TBH this is still art.

17. Just because the baking itself goes well, doesn't mean you're in the clear.

18. TFW the cake gets meta.

19. Deep condolences to whoever cleans this.

20. Is this an installation piece?

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