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16 funny screenshots of text conversations that went viral this month.


Anyone with a phone can proudly say that they read for fun. What they're reading just happens to be endless text messages.

Texting is the main form of communication these days, even among people who live in the same house. There's something satisfying about breaking a new tidbit of gossip in the group chat and having a joke get genuine LOLs for once.

Here are hilarious screenshots of texts that went viral for almost being as embarrassing as yours.

1. This devatasting cancelation

2. This work reunion

3. This timely greeting

4. This *laugh emoji* exchange

5. This easy money

6. This course correction

7. This "not like the other guys" guy

8. This 20-year-old who has yet to learn the difference between ovens and grills

9. This sad message on a thirsty site

10. This absolutely wild family pet saga.

11. This unrequited love

12. This revenge on guys who suck at texting

13. This common reaction

14. This gastronomic innovation

15. This pickup line

16. Whatever this is

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