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Woman asks if she’s wrong to not allow friend to watch her dog after learning she’s dating her ex.


Most dog owners agree that dogs are more than just pets, they're very adorable, furry family members that also happen to be very good girls and boys...

People are rightfully very protective over their dogs considering they really are man's best friend. Even if you don't have a separate Instagram account for your dog, or set up a Christmas stocking for them every year full of toys and treats, dogs are often treated like four-legged royalty on a memory foam bed. Even though they sometimes chew up all your furniture, eat your shoes, pee on the rug, or bark during important Zoom meetings, it's hard not to love something that's only goal in life is to nap, eat, run, lick faces and repeat.

If you decide to get a dog with a significant other, it can be a pretty serious decision. Talking about who will get "custody" of the "baby" in the event of a break up and sharing the responsibilites of taking care of a living being can be a challenge.

So, when a concerned dog owner decided to consult the moral compass of the internet also known as Reddit's "Am I the As*hole?" about a conflict she got into with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend and former friend, people were ready to give her advice.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for not letting my friend borrow my dog?

Right before lockdown in the spring, my ex (38M) broke up with me after I (33F) found out he was cheating with someone else. We had been dating for about a year at the time.

A couple of months before our breakup, my ex found a puppy and since he’s not an animal person and I am, I offered to take the puppy off his hands and find her a good home. Well, as it turned out, the puppy and myself were a great match and grew very fond of each other. Saying she is the joy of my life would be an understatement. I love her so much, and she has made the lockdown and the post-breakup time much easier for me.

Two months ago I noticed that one of my friends had blocked me on Facebook. It broke my heart because we had no argument whatsoever. We weren’t that close but we were still close, as in we would catch up every couple of months and text back and forth a bit more often than that. After I investigated I found out that she had blocked me because she was now dating my ex (she is not the woman he cheated with). I felt weird about it and quite betrayed too because she knew how much I loved him when we were dating. But ultimately I knew it would be useless to disapprove of their relationship or make a scene, so I decided to move forward with my life.

My former friend had a dog very similar to mine in both size and looks (chiweenie). He was much older though, Apparently the dog passed away a couple of weeks ago and my former friend is absolutely devastated over his loss.

Recently I got a message on Facebook from my former friend who apparently unblocked me. She was talking about how much she loved her dog and how devastated she was and how having a dog that looks so similar to him would help her get over his death.

When I refused to surrender my dog to her, she said the dog should be hers because her boyfriend found it. After I refused again, she asked if she could “borrow” my dog for a couple of months. I refused that as well because it’s completely insane. My dog is family to me. I wouldn’t let anyone borrow a family member of mine. That’s insane. Friend said ok and the conversation ended.

Later I was notified by a common friend that she made a public status where she’s complaining about me not letting her borrow the dog her boyfriend found. That’s how she worded it. I’m shocked to see that a lot of people are siding with her. I’ve received texts from friends in common asking me what was going on and only a minority seems to side with me. The others are telling me to let her have my dog for a few weeks, that it is no big deal and since we know she loved her dog, I should also trust her to take good care of my Pompom.

This is so insane I feel like Bojack Horseman when he’s the only one who points out that Vincent Adultman is three kids in a trench coat.

AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

NTA (Not the as*hole) so harddddddd. Who tf sides with her? It's a living sentient being. Not some toy to be passed around. Ex bf dumped her on you because he didn't care. He has absolutely no claim over her. Eff them so hard. - jafhrdz

Who does that? Make sure your gates are locked. Sounds like they will do just about anything to get your dog. - Chestersmom4321

she sounds insane. Please protect your dog and keep him safe. This woman sounds so unbalanced I wouldn’t put it past her (and your ex) to steal the dog. Make sure he’s microchipped and you have all the vet documentation proving he is yours. Who DOES something like this???? - 1890rafaella

your 'friend' is an entitled weirdo. Block her and your friends who agree with her and move on, you don't deserve people like that in your life. - OverallDisaster

If you lend her your dog, she'll block you again and you'll have to get the police involved to get her back. She's nuts - cassowary32

And you know if you "loaned" the dog, you would never see her again. Also, you need new friends. - Squinky75

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed that this woman is a responsible dog owner who isn't at all in the wrong for refusing to give her pet to her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Even if her ex-boyfriend was the one who found the dog originally, he's not the dog's owner anymore. Good luck, everyone (and keep an eye on that dog)!

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