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14 funny screenshots from people who matched with COVIDiots on dating apps.


When online dating, it's difficult to sense whether or not you have a connection with someone. Thankfully, finding out that they do not "believe" in the pandemic that has ravaged the planet for almost a full year is a good way of finding out who's a waste of time (and a waste of brain cells).

1. "Time to move on from that sweetie"

2. Why so serious?

3. Maybe not a COVIDiot but definitely an idiot.

4. "What dude."

5. Definitely not the way to help the world right now.

6. Slurs are NOT sexy.

7. Keep reading for a surprise.

8. Context

9. Yes it does.

10. Aah ok.

11. "But anyways...what's your sign?"

12. "Not social distancing. Man up"

13. Quite the segue.

14. Bye.

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