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30 people share pics of their best Halloween costume.


Halloween is an opportunity for adults to flex their cleverness, celebrate their fandoms, and turn puns into epic works of art. People are sharing photos of their best costumes, and it's not only a helpful way to get ideas, but it also shows that the most important part of Halloween is the costume photoshoot in your bedroom. There are still ways to have a safe Halloween during the pandemic, and it's by doing cosplay at home and watching the likes roll in on social media.

1. Hall and Oates (!!!)

2. Nickelback meme

3. Sardine Can

4. Edgar Allen Hoe

5. The dead dove bag from Arrested Development

6. Liz Anya and Entourage from That's So Raven

7. Josephine Baker

8. Zombeekeepers

9. Deadpool (lol)

10. PowerPuff Heathers

11. A Bowl of Spaghetti

12. The Beatles

13. *Queen* Elsa

14. Apollo Creed

15. Hermione Granger

16. Late Stage Capitalism and Toxic Masculinity

17. Furiosa

18. Black "Black Panther" Panther

19. Caillou

20. Liv and Ravi from iZombie

21. "You Know I Had To Do It To 'Em" Guy

22. Bert Reynolds/Bert from Sesame Street

23. PrincESS of Genovia

24. Amanda Bynes in She's The Man

25. Jack and Wendy Torrance

26. Gumby

27. Elton John

28. Miles Morales

29. Max Goof

30. Whatever this is

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