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    If you've ever worked in the service industry, or if you've ever been a decent human being, you know that bad tippers are a scourge on society.

    Bad tippers are entitled, needy nightmares who bleed the smiles and energy out of unsuspecting servers and bartenders only to leave them nothing in return. Sometimes, when you ask a bad tipper why they have adopted such a shameful habit, the response is: "I don't think they work hard enough" or "I don't believe in tipped wages, they should just get paid a living wage."

    All of these arguments are psychopathic, empathy-deficient trash. Of course, you have no idea how hard they work and even if you think their job is easy--don't they deserve a 20% tip for placating your bratty kid when he screamed about the chicken nuggets not being crispy enough? If you don't believe in tipped wages, that's a fine belief to have, but you're not going to change a system that's been in place for years by stiffing your teenage waitress at "The Olive Garden."

    Luckily, the internet is here to vent. At most restaurant jobs, servers are not allowed to approach customers about their garbage tips, but here are some employees who had just had enough already.

    1. When you get revenge.

    2. If you leave your number, you better tip.

    Remote file

    3. Dignity is more important than money sometimes.

    4. Take your 72 cents and GTFO.

    5. Passive aggression is necessary sometimes.

    6. Wow.

    7. When the "in the biz" strategy fails.

    8. Why do they even make pennies anymore?

    9. The audacity!

    10. To change up the pace, here's an uplifting story.

    11. YUP.

    12. "Go eat at home."

    13. This serve who has cast a twitter curse on a family.

    14. This woman who called out a basketball player.

    15. Telling it like it is.

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    5.Queen Elizabeth II, because her Large Adult Son Prince Andrew is stinking up the monarchy with the Epstein scandal.

    "And I thought Charles's tampon thing was bad..."

    Anyone who has watched The Crown knows that Queen Elizabeth II's job is to look stable while weathering every major conflict of the 20th century, which continues as her reign endures through the 21st.

    The latest headache for the 93-year-old comes courtesy of her second son Prince Andrew, who was close friends with notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who is now serving time in Hell. A picture famous in both news reports and court documents showed Andrew in 2001 with a then-17 year old, who later claimed that she was paid to have sexual relations with the prince.

    Buckingham Palace never explained the photo, but released a statement today saying that Prince Andrew is "appalled" by reports of his buddy's sex abuse. People find it hard to believe that Epstein's activities came as a surprise to Andrew, considering the photo above and a recently unearthed video that showed him chillin' in the convicted pedophile's Manhattan mansion.

    Not only did Andrew hang out with Epstein on both sides of the Atlantic, he also reportedly had Epstein and his co-conspirator/girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell at both Windsor Castle and Balmoral, a huge honor for any commonor.

    The Royal House of Windsor has survived being associated with Nazis, so it likely will manage to keep their faces on the British pounds through Prince George's coming-of-age. But will taxpayers put up with this posh group of sexual deviants paid to represent them? We know how much the Brits love referendums.

    4. Chrissy Teigen, because she got sick with altitude sickness.

    Flying high.

    Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel cookbook writer with the EGOTting husband and cutest kids in the world, but her body is fragile just like yours and mine. Teigz visited her home state of Utah for a friend's wedding, and got sick with a painful case of altitude sickness.

    She had a bad case of angioedema, which is the fancy term for swollen lip, but not the glamorous kind a la Kylie Jenner. Teigen's was "hard like glass," which sounds painful.

    Teigen addressed the bride and groom in a video, joking, "Why have you chosen to get married in a place...that would try to destroy me?"

    Being sick sucks. Being sick at a friend's wedding sucks even more.

    3. The Florida Man who got busted for selling ecstasy pills shaped like Trump's head.

    Trump is a tough pill to swallow.

    Orange pill bad.

    Brendan Dolan-King, a suspected drug dealer, was arrested in Clearwater, Florida for narcotics possession. Dolan-King had previously been busted for selling ecstasy tablets shaped like Darth Vader, and updated his stock to include the head of an even more menacing villain: President Donald Trump.

    The Smoking Gunreports that "Dolan-King was charged Friday with the narcotics raps after lab tests confirmed that a tan powder seized was fentanyl and that the Trump pills contained MDMA. Dolan-King has been in custody since late-June--when the drugs were found--on marijuana possession with intent to sell and probation violation counts."

    Finally: somebody is facing consequences for a Trump-related crime.

    2. Wendy Williams, because she was banned from 50 Cent's party.

    I don't want to be In Da Club that would have me as a member.

    Middle school never ends. Wendy Williams was turned away from 50 Cent's party because he doesn't like that she talks about him on her show.

    The "In Da Club" rapper hosted a soiree at New Jersey club BarCade and declared it a Williams-free zone.

    50 Cent's pettiness level: he shared a video on Instagram of the line, and you can hear a woman narrate, "Wendy Williams not being able to get in." Complete with thinky face and eyebrow-raise emojis, 50 Cent wrote, "you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. B*TCH wait out side [sic]."

    Williams can be spotted wearing a Yankees hat, stuck outside with the riffraff like somebody who doesn't have their own talk show.

    It looks like Williams may have pulled an Ivanka Trump and Instagrammed as if she made it to the main event. She shared a picture of her and Snoop Dogg in what appears to be a lobby, and she would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for 50's post.

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Wendy Williams (@wendyshow) on

    Williams was going to get into that party or die tryin'.

    1. The Florida Man who was arrested for chugging an entire bottle of $7 wine in a Walmart bathroom.

    Joe Pesci, is that you?

    What a week for Florida Men!

    Ty Kelley was arrested by Pinellas Park Police for allegedly stuffing a $6.98 bottle of wine down his pants, chugging it in the store bathroom, and then trying to leave the Walmart without paying.

    Even more embarrassing? The wine was a Riesling, according to court documents. Kelley was booked into the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office jail and held on a $250 bond.

    Here's hoping he remembers to pay for the champagne when he celebrates getting out.

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    Wedding cakes are far more expensive than your average store cake. On average wedding cakes having a going rate between $350 and $450, which makes sense when you consider their elaborate tiers, special flavors and personalized decorations.

    At many weddings, the cake serves as more of a ceremonial symbol of the union than an actual dessert. Loved ones gather around to watch a newly wedded couple exchange messy bites, and if there's enough then guests can try it out, but the photo ops take priority.

    Given the cost and symbolism, having your wedding cake ruined is a pretty big deal. But ruining it yourself in a moment of anxiety and passion is another level of frustration.

    In a recent post on the Am I The *sshole subreddit, a man shared how a silly call-back joke led to his brother destroying his own wedding cake.

    "AITA for ruining my brother's wedding cake? Just to be clear, I didn't actually do anything to the cake. But I'll just start from the very beginning I guess."

    OP kicked off the post by sharing that his brother used to prank him all the time as a kid.

    "Growing up my brother and I would play pranks on each other. I say each other, he would prank me. Relentlessly. Any of you who are younger siblings will know that there will be that one particular moment that often comes up even as you get older that "Hey, remember when..." story they'll retell to cackle at something devilish they did to you as a child. Our story was about a jar of cookies."

    One year, OP's grandpa made him a fresh batch of cookies for his 9th birthday and sealed them in an air tight glass box.

    OP's brother saw the opportunity for a prank and farted in the box and resealed it. When OP opened his batch of cookies he immediately smelled the fart and threw up all over the batch of cookies.

    "Grandpa was an amazing baker and he made me a batch of cookies for my birthday (9th birthday I believe) which he'd seal in an air tight glass box for me. I don't know how, or when, but my brother got ahold of this box and proceeded to, well, fart in it. Then sealed it back up. On my birthday he handed me the cookie box and said "Grandpa put some extra stank into this batch." I didn't know what he meant in the moment, I was too excited to try what looked like delicious cookies. I opened the glass lid and got blasted in the face by the stench of stale ass, then immediately threw up in the jar, all over the cookies. A tale my brother has told repeatedly to his delight since. Fast forward to now. My brother's wedding day."

    OP's brother often proudly brings up the story, and told it at the bachelor party a few days before the wedding.

    This gave OP the idea to whisper a call-back to the joke at the reception. While the call-back didn't involve any farting or actual tarnishing of the cake, it did involve OP whispering that he put some "extra stank into the cake."

    "This wasn't a thought out plan, I hadn't been scheming over it, it was spur of the moment. My brother had refold the story yet again at his bachelor party three days prior to embarrass me and I guess the story was just fresh in my mind. Ceremony is over, all went well and onto the reception. They're posing for photos before cutting the cake, and I don't know why it came to me, but I just leaned over to my brother as his wife was about to take a bite and said "I put some extra stank into the cake."

    Instead of laughing, OP's brother immediately freaked out and slapped the cake out of his fiance's hands.

    To make matters worse, she immediately began to cry.

    "I thought he'd laugh. He did not. With the reflexes of a mother leaping across to rescue her newborn from something dangerous, he slapped the cake out of her hands. There were some gasps, some laughs, no one really knew what was going on. Me included. He whispered in her ear, she looked me in the eyes for a good five to ten seconds. Then just started to cry."

    Apparently, OP's brother assumed OP had defecated in the cake and that's why he reacted so strongly.

    "She runs off, everyone is confused, then my brother confronts me. He thought I did a shit in the cake as revenge for the cookies. I told him I didn't and it was just a dumb joke, but he was too mad to listen. She told her bridesmaids I did a shit in the cake. Sure enough, soon everyone thinks I shit in the cake. I was too embarrassed to protest so I just went home."

    No one believed OP when he told them he didn't poop in the cake, and he ended up getting sent home and hasn't talked to the wedding party in a week.

    "It's been a week and I've not spoken to them (nor anyone else from the wedding barring my wife) and I keep feeling guilty, even though I didn't actually do anything. Am I the asshole?"

    Now, OP regrets making the joke, and wonders if he is the jerk in this situation.

    MilkyLikeCereal thinks everyone is overreacting.

    "NTA. These people are being really harsh. If he just farted in your biscuits why did he make the leap to think you did a whole shit in the cake? He overreacted"

    AgitatedDefinition thinks OP's brother overreacted because he knows he deserves karma.

    "Imagine thinking a prank you did ruined your brother so much that he'd shit in your wedding cake, but still telling that story over and over again. Definitely NTA."

    OneTwoWee000 pointed out how impossible it would be to poop in a wedding cake.

    "NTA. Your brother and his new wife are really dumb if they think the baker would leave the cake mix or icing unattended for the groom’s brother to take a shit it in and then serve that to guests!"

    "Most wedding cakes come assembled already, not baked on the premises. When would you have the opportunity to shit in the cake? And how would none of the bakers nor the venue servers not realize the cake smells like excrement?"

    "They overreacted big time and clearly think very lowly of you if they think you’d even do something like that."

    "Your brother is an *sshole and I’m glad his wedding cake moment was disrupted. His guilt and thinking of what he is capable of is why he even thought this was a real possibility. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Not you OP, but him."

    CapableBrain thinks everyone in the story is at fault.

    "ESH. I really hope this is a true story, and I'd be super impressed if you just made this up."

    "If brother didn't want retaliation, he shouldn't have egged OP on about the same thing for over a decade. Sure OP was heavy handed about it...but as someone who's been the older brother in this situation, he 100% deserved it. He must have been expecting some kind of revenge too, because he automatically assumed OP 'shit' in the cake."

    "You owe him an apology, at the very least. If the older brother doesn't accept it and stays angry, he's a shitty sport."

    At the time of writing this, most of the replies seem to suggest that OP didn't deserve the blowback he received, especially since it would be near impossible for him to pull off that level of prank. The fact that OP's brother immediately went there in his head is more about projection than reality.

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    Family can be complicated, as a story recently posted to Reddit highlights. A guy turned to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole?" forum for advice on how he handled a tricky situation involving his cousin, and the cousin's son (the guy's "nephew"), who has autism. The son developed an attachment to the man's wife (his aunt) when he was younger, and has since insisted on calling her his "girlfriend." Although at first, the man and his wife thought it was "sweet," as the boy got older, they became less comfortable. Now, he's in his early 20's, and the man says the situation is starting to negatively impact his family, including upsetting his own young son.

    During a recent visit, the autistic nephew had a "meltdown" and had to be "forcibly restrained" from following his aunt around the house. This caused the man's son to start crying, and resulted in the man asking his cousin, cousin's wife, and nephew, to leave his house.

    He turned to Reddit to ask if he's "the a**hole" in the situation after his extended family got mad, telling him he should've been more sensitive.

    The man writes:

    I know from the title, it definitely sounds like I would be the asshole but please hear me out. I have an older cousin whose son, my nephew, is in his early 20s. My nephew is autistic and holds a part time job, but is significantly delayed in many developmental areas (I don’t know the specifics) and will never be independent according to his parents.

    He explains that the nephew's attachment to his aunt began when he was a kid, and he "always wanted to be near her." She "gently" tried to discourage the behavior, but he insisted on calling her his "girlfriend."

    Recently, my cousin and cousin-in-law have been thinking about relocating to our state because of recent job opportunities, and we’ve hosted them in the past when they’ve visited. The first time they stayed with us (before my son was born), my nephew seemed to develop a strong attachment to my wife and always wanted to be near her. He drew a picture of a heart and picked some flowers from our yard and gave them to her before they left, saying he loved her. My wife thought this was sweet and gently handled his crush by telling him she would always love him as his aunt, but she was sure he would find another girl to fill his heart soon. He told her no, she was his girlfriend.

    Recently, his cousin and the autistic son were staying at their house when the nephew had a "meltdown" that caused both his son and wife to get upset.

    This weekend, they were staying with us again and my nephew again wanted to be near my wife every chance he got. His mom and dad noticed and told him that because my wife now had to care for our son, she couldn’t pay attention to him as much as before. He got upset telling us that she was his girlfriend and had a meltdown, which caused my son to start crying. When my wife got up to take our son to another room to calm him down, my nephew got up to follow and his dad had to forcibly restrain him from following them. I stood up to block the hallway into the separate room just in case he got away from his dad.

    The nephew's parents apologized for his behavior and vowed to "keep better tabs on him." But the man had had enough and said he "didn't feel comfortable" with his nephew being "so possessive" of his wife. He apologized and asked them to leave and get a hotel room for the rest of their stay.

    Once they calmed him down, they apologized for his behavior and said they would keep better tabs on him. Here’s the part where I may be the asshole. I told my cousins I didn’t feel comfortable with my nephew being so possessive of my wife, and I know for sure she didn’t, especially since he seemed to be so jealous of our son. I told them I couldn’t allow their son in our home until he learned to control himself and understand that my wife was not his girlfriend. I apologized but asked them to get a hotel room for the rest of their stay and not to visit us again unless they left my nephew behind with people they could trust and knew would care for him, while they searched for jobs in our state. They didn’t say anything but looked saddened and went to the guest room with their son to pack up their bags.

    He has since received criticism from his extended family for how he handled the situation and asked Reddit to weigh in.

    I guess they must have told my extended family what happened because my paternal grandmother called me this afternoon, telling me that I should’ve been more understanding and that I was wrong to ask them to leave.

    Am I the asshole?

    Since the Reddit post received a lot of attention, the man added some updates, thanking everyone for their input and addressing some of the questions he's received.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment or private message me with their own experiences with family members who are/were autistic. There’s not nearly enough time for me to respond to each of the comments (which honestly surprised me when I saw how many had reached out to me), but I wanted to address some questions that had been asked.

    He explains that technically his cousin is not his "nephew" but he refers to him that way because it's simpler than calling him a "cousin-x-removed."

    1.) The first one is that technically, my cousin is my second cousin. My dad is an only child so the cousin I refer to in my post, is the son of my own dad’s first cousin (my paternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather were siblings). I’m not sure if this is correct but his autistic son would technically be my third cousin(?). The reason I refer to him as my nephew is because he’s the generation after mine in our family tree and it’s less of a mouthful to refer to him as cousin-x-removed. A lot of people have posted that it’s not correct to refer to him as my nephew but to be frank, I don’t care, and my family’s never followed this traditional genealogy nomenclature. I apologize if it was misleading in my post. Without being specific, in the western state I was born and grew up in, it’s not uncommon to refer to even close (unrelated) adults as uncles or aunts. I call him my nephew because my cousin and I were close and I still hope to have a close relationship with him if at all possible (though I don’t know how after this situation).

    He clarifies that no, he is not "jealous" of his nephew calling his wife his girlfriend, because he thinks of his nephew as a "kid." He was only "concerned" for his wife and son's safety.

    2.) Some have asked if I was jealous of my nephew calling my wife his gf. The first time, I thought it was amusing and was surprised that he had any romantic notions towards anyone, let alone my wife. Remember, in my mind he’s my nephew and I never thought of him as anything other than a large kid because of his developmental delays and normal (for him) childlike behavior. Regarding the situation that happened this weekend, I was only concerned for my wife and son’s safety. I didn’t know how he would react and followed my cousin’s lead, but wasn’t about to let him get near my wife and son once they left the room.

    He doesn't want to talk to his cousin until they've both had time to "process" what happened.

    3.) I don’t know what was said to my paternal grandmother but I don’t want to react in anger and want to talk to my cousin once we’ve both had time to process what happened and calmed down.

    Commenters are unanimously supporting the man's decision.

    Some are saying NAH (Noone's an A**hole Here) because it's a difficult situation, but the man did the right thing and handled it well.

    algelb writes:

    NAH. You were understanding the first time around, but this time he got physically aggressive and presented himself as a possible danger to your wife and child. It’s a perfectly reasonable request and you handled it very maturely.

    And Cap-Abs agrees, writing:

    Definitely, NAH! I have a brother who is on the higher functioning of the spectrum like OP’s nephew seems to be and is a similar age to what is described. He can become obsessed to the point of hurting himself or others with certain things. He has attempted to walk across a small lake chasing bugs (he was up to his chin in water). He fell out of his bedroom window attempting to sneak out of the house. He let a wasp repeatedly sting him bc he was studying it and only later registered that it hurt. He played with matches & candles in the kitchen and could have burnt the house down. He never truly repents or feels bad and is always concerned with ONLY if he got what he felt he needed. As much as I love my brother, I would be terrified for a poor girl if she got involved with him and he became obsessed with her. I have no idea is OP’s nephew is the same as my brother, but he is certainly displaying creepy behaviors.

    Since the nephew had to be physically restrained and there is a small child that is becoming an object of anger this is a perfectly reasonable request. Also, he is IN HIS 20’s. No matter his mental abilities this is potentially an able bodied young man that has the capacity to cause a lot of damage to a house, woman, and baby.

    And WhyAreYouUpsideDown writes:

    This is a tough one. I'm so sorry for everyone in this situation, it just sucks.


    Your cousins aren't assholes, they're doing the best they can with the cards they've been dealt. They don't seem to be negligent or anything- they're doing their best to help him understand, but he just can't.

    Same with the autistic nephew-- he literally doesn't have the capacity to empathize with you or your wife, and may NEVER learn to properly observe that boundary. Not his fault.

    But you are absolutely not the asshole for protecting your wife and child from someone who needs to be physically restrained from breaking boundaries. You might have given them one more shot to see if they can keep better tabs on him, but why take that risk? He's upsetting your wife and your son, and you don't know what types of behavior he may or may not engage in.

    Others are saying that this man is not the a**hole, but that his extended family behaved badly by getting mad at him.

    Beep_boop_human says:

    NTA (it would be N AH except for the fact they're telling people you kicked them out and your extended family isn't being understanding).

    You 100% owed it to your wife to ask them to leave. You weren't being a jerk about it. You understand that he lacks the full capability to understand his actions. But that is why the situation could become dangerous. You wife should not be on edge in her own home, made to feel as though she needs to be polite while a fully grown adult is restrained because she isn't acting like his girlfriend.

    YWBTA if you hadn't asked them to leave.

    Stinktiere adds:

    Hang on...your wife is hiding In Another room with your infant son, you are having to block the corridor and your cousin is fighting to restrain a fully grown adult to keep him away from her?

    Can’t see how you’re the asshole for not wanting that situation again. NTA, because really, your cousin should have decided to go themselves.

    beejers30 writes:

    NTA. I understand both sides, but you have to be protective of your son. Jealousy is ugly and can lead to your nephew hurting your child, even though he may not be fully aware of what he’s doing.

    And eternachaos writes:

    obligatory I'm autistic remark

    Hold autistic people accountable for their actions. Many disabled people (like myself) may have limited development in some areas, but if we pose a danger to you and children (which it seems he does), you have every right to bar them. You didn't insult the son or call him names, you weren't violent, you were extremely polite and kind. If he isn't able t control himself, especially if he's old enough to hold a job, he may end up hurting your wife or kid and not even intend to. Also, with all due respect, if he's capable enough hold a job, it's very possible he can understand 'no'. They need to not coddle him if it comes to that point or they can reinforce harmful behavior.

    Seems like he handled things well and the internet agrees. What do you think?

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    Strip club employees definitely see a lot.

    Whether they work in a club or provide private dances for parties, stripping is an art that should be respected. It's a job like anything else and all they usually want is to make their money and leave without someone violating their body or dignity.

    If you are a regular at a strip club or you occasionally get roped into attending one for a bachelor party, remember to tip, keep your hands to yourself, spend money and be respectful. Don't be that guy who thinks they're clever because they "know you just want money." Of course they just want money! They're at work! Do you go to work without wanting money? Nope. Now STFU and tip.

    When a recent Reddit user asked, "Strippers of Reddit. What do you really think of the people that see you perform?" dancers were eager to share. Go to the ATM, boys!

    1. Cinnamon didn't say anything, "BigBodyBuzz07."

    Generally depends on what kind of customer that person is really. The best kind is the dude who understands that it is all a game. They tip well, they are sociable and polite, may even be regulars with certain girls and are never a problem. The entire club staff loves guys like this.

    The ones that the dancers hate? The "I don't pay for dances" guy who thinks that line will somehow make him desirable for dancers? Captain Save a Ho, his trademark line goes something like "You are too beautiful/smart/amazing to be doing this, if you get with me you can leave this behind". The pimps that go around asking the girls if they "Want to make some real money" are real pieces of shit as well. Then there was the ones that I really had a personal dislike for, the dudes who would try and wait in the parking lot at the end of the night because "Cinnamon and I really had a connection you know? She told me to wait for her!" No she didn't buddy, IF Cinnamon told you that, she did so knowing that I would be kicking everybody out of the parking lot before the dancers left for the evening.

    The strip club industry is a weird place.

    2. Interesting, "pickmeacoolname."

    You get your share of creeps but mostly where I worked (a long time ago) a lot of young groups of guys just looking for a good time. Every once in a while you have someone who has too good of a time and gets rowdy and acts like an idiot. Granted I only worked 2-3 nights a week, people who dance full time (especially during the day) have a whole different kind of crowd to deal with. But customers are generally all the same, just looking for something to distract them from life for a while. Feels like a lifetime ago that I danced, my husband and I go together now every once in a while to get a private dance for a while and it’s way more fun being on the other side.

    3. This is one form of therapy, "everyonesmomiguess."

    Ex-stripper here: Of course I encountered all different types, but I am here to mention one type in particular (my favorite). There were a lot of customers who were lonely, or didn't have anyone to talk to who would really listen to them. They figured out that they could come in and pay for company. I would sit at the table with one of my regulars for a few hours and just talk. I made a point of showing that I valued them as a person and was genuinely interested in their conversation. He knew that he was taking up my time, and every so often would hand me another bill. I didn't pity them, I respected them for figuring out a way to engage with other humans and satisfy their need for connection.

    4. Wow, "awquitasthewolf."

    Depends on the person.

    I've had stalkers follow me home. Creeps who tried to get violent with me at work. People who pissed me off.

    I've also met some really wonderful people I'm fine with calling my friends. I just had a baby and invited two ex customers to my baby shower in June.

    5. Damn, "RhinestoneHousewife."

    Ex stripper here. Most of them were cool. We had one old guy named Cummer Steve that would get dances from the new girls and whip his dick out and jizz in their hair. He always had $300 in his wallet that he would had over before they made him leave.

    Occasionally a douche bag would come in but they got handled pretty quickly. I once had a guy hold up a $5 bill and ask what he could get for that. I cheerfully snatched it out of his hand and told him that he could watch my ass as I walked away.

    6. Damn, "formerfatboys."

    There were the "he tried to shove his finger in my pussy so I broke it" nights, the "he got a champagne room for 3 hours with 3 girls and fell asleep so we got drunk" type nights. Indian dudes seemed to do the weirdest shit. A couple dudes just got naked in the lap dance booth or champagne room and got kicked out. One my girlfriend said she left for less than a minute to check in with the bouncer and returned and the dude was naked and had nicely folded his clothes next to him. Weirdly sweet but horrifying. They threw him out naked.

    The thing I noticed though is that after a few years most of them really started to low key hate men. It's just generally they get exposed to men continually at their worst or most horny.

    I think it ended up being toxic.

    7. This is depressing, "pumpkinspicestripper."

    You just realize what a toxic environment so many men grow up in and influence them as they get older. You've got guys cheating on their wives of thirty years, newly married guys going right out looking for a blowjob from a stripper, men with warped views on women, men who would rather be at a strip club than at their kid's baseball game, and even if you have male friends who don't go to strip clubs, you see similar behavior. And this isn't even getting into rapists, murderers, and pedophiles.

    Being a stripper helps you realize how many men can be sexually attracted to women, but still hate women. It makes you nuts. And we really do just want you to be happy.

    8. This makes sense, "madisonpreggers."

    But what struck me was how many older, lonely, divorced, widowed or single guys desperately “needed” to be around female energy. They were all so sweet, polite, courteous and more often than not generous (if they could afford it, some couldn’t and that was fine too). I always got the impression the came to our place because it was there. We could have been selling ice cream wearing 50s housewife attire and they still would have showed up. It wasn’t about the skimpy clothing at all to these guys...just the chance to be around women who knew their name, their job, their story, etc...

    It always made me very happy we were there but sad that society seemed so disconnected that we were maybe the only place they felt comfortable going where they wouldn’t be judged for what was simply a human need to be around other people of the opposite sex in a non sexual way.

    9. Noooo, "kdhotwife."

    The worst thing that ever happened to me was a guy orgasmed while I was giving him a lap dance and he didn’t warn me. Needless to say it got all over my upper thigh. I was completely furious!!

    10. This is hell, "PrincessWithAnUzi."

    It's boring. The conversation with customers is torture. They all say the same things dozens of times a night. They tell you how beautiful you are, blah, blah, how lucky some dude would be to have you. rolls eyes

    They ask the same questions. "What's your real name?" "Do you have a BF or husband and what does he think of you doing this?" "Where are you from?" like we are at a church social. Jesus, we just want your cash, not to get to know each other. We're not on a date.

    Also, we hated The Regulars. They would buy one beer and sit and watch but never buy dances. We would give them mean nicknames. One guy was plain looking so we called him "Brown Hair."

    Working at the club is one of the rare times a woman is NOT actively looking for a man. Strippers see customers as walking wallets.

    I could go on for hours. I stripped at the top clubs in Vegas, including a couple low rent ones like The Palomino, which is full nude. There's a difference in doing topless and nude. The customers focus on you differently.

    11. Wise, "rosethepug."

    I think nothing of them, which helps me build up the confidence to be naked in front of them. I have to literally view myself as superior.

    12. Get it, girl. "jawnjett."

    Honestly nothing. Unless you do something disrespectful to me I won’t even think about the guy twice. I just want to make my bread and move on

    13. Wise, "sarcastic_providence."

    Be Polite

    Be Efficient...

    14. A+ advice, "kidloca."

    Ex stripper. The guys that came in and knew the deal were great. Tip the girl on stage, get a lap dance, be polite. The worst were the guys that thought they were smarter than the strippers or that they could somehow game us. Like, one guy I remember went on a whole rant about how smart he was because he could tell it was all fake and the girls weren't really attracted to the men. Uh, yeah dude, you're a genius. Or when they think they're funny by degrading the women. It's not funny and you're the one that looks bad. Honestly, for the most part I didn't think about the guys much at all. I was on autopilot most of the time and didn't judge them any more than thinking who looks interested in a private dance or who was a douchebag I wanted to avoid.

    15. Yikes, "mizmoxiev."

    I loathed the dudes who would come in on day shift, creepy lonelyhearts guys who would want to talk about how 'hot' your vagina is. As if hot girls dress each other, and talk about being hot in the hot tub. It was then that I realized our society had been ruined by advertising.

    I had another gentleman ask me if I ever look down and play with my own boobs for fun. I told him the truth, they are glorified shelves and crumb catchers, once my kids were no longer babies.

    I was also in Texas, and no matter what it is they always celebrated by going to the titty bar. Good or Bad, to the titty bar we go. Graduated College? Going to the titty bar. Got Cancer? Goin to the titty bar. Fuck. That comedian was right.

    0 0

    If you're a woman at a bar, and a man offers you a free drink, it's almost never free. There is usually the expectation that you'll get to know each other, flirt, or possibly hook up, and even if that's not tacitly expected free drinks from strangers can be loaded with silent assumptions.

    In concept, if a man is hitting on you and you counter his drink offer with a cheaper food suggestion then it should be fine if you're still down to chat. However, there are men (and people in general) who strategically offer drinks in hopes it'll lower inhibitions and up their chances of a hookup. So, if a woman is down to chill but doesn't wanna get drunk, it throws a sober wrench in the whole plan.

    In a recent post online, a woman named Jennifer Dziura shared the negative responses she's received from men when she countered their drink offers with food suggestions.

    She opened her post by stating that many men who buy women drinks are hoping to purchase "a lowering of woman's defenses" and that has only been confirmed by her personal experiences.

    She wrote:

    "I've responded to this elsewhere around the Internet. Men who offer to buy women drinks are often intending to purchase a lowering of the woman's defenses. If you are a woman in a bar and a man offers to buy you a drink, try this: cheerfully ask for something nonalcoholic, while indicating a willingness to get to know the guy. At least 50% of men will be angry. They weren't offering a gift or just trying to strike up conversation: they wanted you to be drunk and to let down your guard. In my own experience, I have twice been offered a drink and instead suggested food -- in both cases, very inexpensive food costing the same or less than a drink -- and in both case the man responded angrily."

    Dziura went on to share two different times when she countered a drink offer with the suggestion to grab cheap food and chat, neither of which were accepted enthusiastically.

    It felt pretty clear that the end goal wasn't even getting to know her, it was gaming the chance of a quick hook-up.

    "In one case, I met a guy at a concert. I liked him. He suggested going to get a drink, but I was starving and suggested the kebab place around the corner. I can't remember who paid but I had a cheap bowl of soup and the guy pouted and I never saw him again. The other time, I had done standup in a bar and an older guy offered to buy me a drink. I said I actually would love some popcorn, which was being sole ** at the bar for $.** The man got angry and acted like I had cheated him somehow."

    Dziura's post quickly went viral and she received an in-depth response from a bartender who corroborated her assessment.

    Erwin-With-Hairpins shared the ways they try to help women in uncomfortable situations, and drinks and tactics people can use to communicate discomfort to their bartenders.

    "Gonna add on to this:
    From the other side of the bar, I see this crap all the time. Seriously. I work at a high-density bar, and let me tell you, I have anywhere from 10-20 guys every night come up and tell me to, “serve her a stronger drink, I’m trying to get lucky tonight, know what I mean?” usually accompanied with a wink and a gesture at a girl who, in my experience, is going to go from mildly buzzed to definitively hammered if I keep serving her."

    "Now, I like to think I’m a responsible bartender, so I usually tell guys like that to piss off, and, if I can, try to tell the girl’s more sober friends that they need to keep an eye on her.
    But everyone- just so you know, most of the time, when someone you don’t know is buying you a drink, they’re NOT doing it out of a sense of cordiality, they’re buying you a drink for the sole purpose of making you let your guard down. So:"

    They urged women to keep an eye on their drinks and never let a stranger carry them from the bar to the table.

    "Tips for getting drinks-

    1. ALWAYS GO TO THE BAR TO GET YOUR OWN DRINK, DO NOT LET STRANGERS CARRY YOUR DRINKS. This is an opportune time for dropping something into your cocktail, and you’re none the wiser."

    They also assured readers that most bartenders don't care if you order non-alcoholic drinks and they can usually tell when a patron is navigating an uncomfortable exchange.

    "2.IF YOU ORDER SOMETHING NON-ALCOHOLIC, I promise you, the bartender doesn’t give two shits that you’re not drinking cocktails with your friends, and often, totally understands that you don’t want to let your guard down around strangers. Usually, you can just tell the bartender that you’d like something light, and that’s a big clue to us that you’re uncomfortable with whomever you’re standing next to. Again, we see this all the time."

    They ended the response by including a list of alcoholic drinks that are light and unlikely to get you wasted, but camouflage well.

    "3. If you’re in a position to where you feel uncomfortable not ordering alcohol:"

    "Here’s a list of light liquors, and mixers that won’t get you drunk, and will still look like an actual cocktail:

    X-rated + sprite = easy to drink, sweet, and 12% alcoholic content. Not strong at all, usually runs $6-$8, depending on your state.

    Amaretto + sour= sweet, not strong, 26%."

    "Peach Schnapps+ ginger ale= tastes like mellow butterscotch, 24%.

    Melon liquor (Midori, in most bars) + soda water = not overly sweet, 21%

    Coffee liquor (Kahlua) +soda = not super sweet, 20%.

    Hope this helps someone out!"

    While it's certainly not ideal to have fears about men's shady intentions confirmed, it's comforting to know that bartenders are often keying in to what's going on.

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    Living in a house or apartment with thin walls is kind of like having roommates you didn't sign up for. But it can also be pretty entertaining. Someone recently asked people on Reddit who live in homes with thin walls to share the things they have overheard.

    Here are some of the best responses:

    1) Just me and my rabbit. From MancetheLance:

    Years ago I had an upstairs neighbor. At 2am, every night, I would hear something sprint across the entire apartment. I realized three things, it was very fast, it took small strides, and it never deviated from its path. One day, I saw my neighbor outside and I said, "I dont know how you have energy at 2am?" He responded with, "Dude, I've been working the midnight to 8am shift for 15 years. Doesnt bother me at all".

    That night, I watched him leave his house, drive off, and waited two hours. At exactly 2am, I heard what sounded like two feet hit the floor in his bedroom, and the marathon started.

    A few weeks later, I see him outside. I tell him what I hear at night and he says, "That's strange, no one has my keys, it's just me and my rabbit up there."

    2) Evil roommates. From Azurko:

    I once heard a former roommate laughing with his then girlfriend about how they're fucking me over on money. Turned out they were taking my utility portion and buying various games and alcohol.

    Instead of confronting them, I confirmed what they said with the utilities company (they hadn't paid the bill is 2 months) and I moved all my stuff out that day while they were at work. For good measure, I took myself off the lease and told them about the GF that had been there 6 months.

    3) Ok but this sounds fun? From yesnogoodbye:

    My upstairs neighbors taking turns zapping each other with a stun gun, hitting the floor, groaning in pain, and then laughing like Beavis and Butthead.

    4) Sexing and decorating. From 3720-To-One:

    I’ve heard and felt the neighbors upstairs having sex.

    And apparently they like to rearrange the furniture at least twice a week.

    5) The great seahorse debate. From ApplepieButterfly:

    I once heard an argument that went a little like this:

    "Stop treating me like I'm stupid!"

    "You asked if Seahorses were mammals, Jessica!"


    6) Whodunit. From thedesertnomad:

    Heard the couple next door arguing. The wife was furious because she realized he had been cheating on her after she found out she had chlamydia. He tried to convince her that she must have been the unfaithful one. She still lives there. He doesn't.

    7) Shy opera singer. From _Funke_:

    I actually manage an apartment complex where my office is surrounded by a one bedroom unit. The building is old and the walls are thin. The tenant that used to live in the unit was a quiet man but would frequently sing beautiful opera music. His voice was amazing and I loved it every time I heard him sing!

    Then one time I saw him in the halls and made the mistake of asking if he was the one who sang these beautiful opera songs. His face turned red but he confirmed that it was him. I told him that I always enjoyed it when I heard him sing and that it would always brighten my day.

    Never should have said anything because I never heard him sing again.

    8) She wanted it. From stannndarsh:

    “Yeah girl, you know you want this dick”

    My college roommate. 3 kids later it’s apparent she did, in fact, want it.

    9) Oh, William. From HungryLikeTheWolf99:

    "William! We do not hit!"

    His mom was visiting. He was 30.

    10) Banging. From Cypher_Shadow:

    The way my old apartments were laid out, the neighbors bedroom was right next to my kitchen / dining room. One night, I hear them banging (thin walls are thinner when the bed is hitting the wall) while I was fixing dinner. I just turned up the music and continued on with my life. Two hours later, I was cleaning up , doing dishes, and generally tidying up when I heard the familiar thump thump thump of banging. I think, good for them and bag up the trash to take out. Thump thump thump. I open the door and take my bag of trash outside. As I’m walking out, I see the male half of my thumping neighbors....walking in from his car.

    Walking back from the dumpster, I see a half naked dude running out of the neighbors apartment. They moved shortly after that.

    11) Gina, no! From oldmuttsysadmin:

    "Gina, I love you! Gina no! Gina, dammit put the knife down!!" At this point, both the apartments adjoining to Gina's called the police. Gina's husband decided to spend the night elsewhere.

    12) Dart drama. From Aromatic_Bird:

    I lived next to a couple some years ago and they came home after a night out and started fighting about who was better at darts. I thought they were joking but it got pretty heated. Doors were slammed.

    Edit: Since people are asking, they were playing darts at the bar earlier that night. From what I could tell they were playing as a team and the boyfriend wasn't pulling his weight and was super defensive about it (had an off night, allegedly). The girlfriend was mad he couldn't accept she was better. I'm no detective but think they had some relationship issues bigger than darts.

    13) The puzzle. From excelsior1907:

    In our old apartment our upstairs neighbor had extremely loud, theatrically enthusiastic sex in the middle of the day. The puzzle was that he would stop in the middle and we’d hear him walk to where the bathroom is, stay there for a minute or two and then walk back and resume in the bedroom. It was the same pattern every time. We could never figure out what that was all about. Any ideas welcomed.

    14) Shower sex gone wrong. From Seldarin:

    Not in my house, but I travel a lot for work and stay in a lot of hotels.

    So far my favorite was hearing someone banging around in the shower for a while then this exchange:

    (Loudly) "Hey! Wash my balls."

    (Louder)"Wash your own goddamned balls!"

    (Yelling)"Fuck you, your pussy stinks!"

    They got quiet after that, probably because they heard me howling with laughter and realized people could hear them.

    15) He's the piano man. From FultonHomes:

    an argument about money while I was doing the dishes. It ended with a slammed door and one of them on a piano, hitting the keys like a maniac. Some people read, some people go get something to eat, some people exercise.. this motherfucker relieves stress by going crazy on a piano. lol

    16) Om. From StarbuckXMachina:

    I shared a wall with a Buddhist temple, so a lot of chanting and gonging. It was an awesome five years.

    17) Uh oh. From EE327:

    Couple upstairs would argue frequently. One particular evening, they had an epic battle. It was hours long.

    About 2 hours into the argument (11 pm on a weeknight) we heard the woman shout “first of all”.

    That was the moment we knew sleeping wouldn’t be restful that night.

    18) Lmao. From greatergood2019:

    I moved from far away, so I have a different state license plate than everyone else at the apartment complex. A couple of days ago I head my upstairs neighbor drunkenly ranting to his wife about what he thinks I'm up to. He's convinced that I'm on the run from something. I'm just in grad school lmao.

    19) "Hello." From kittenkin:

    My male neighbor from India belting out hello by Adele at the top of his lungs. It was magical.

    20) From iMac_Hunt:

    More what my neighbour heard...I'm a deep sleeper and was an even deeper sleeper as a teenager. My phone alarm was going off for 30 minutes and my neighbours could hear it through the walls, assumed it was a burglar alarm and called the police. Waking up to the police banging on my door was confusing.

    21) Awkward! From AffectionatePanic:

    "They warned me about you! I never should've married you!" - my 60yo neighbours.

    And recently a heated argument between different neighbours adult kids. The son had caught his son (5yo) playing doctor with his sister's daughter 4yo). They argued very loudly about it in their back garden... which is completely surrounded by other houses and apartments. I think at least 30 households could hear it.

    Edit: "playing doctor" means getting naked and comparing bits.

    22) Blessed. From KiltedLady:

    Someone sneezed.

    We said bless you.

    They laughed.

    23) Working from home. From hausofelle:

    my old neighbour was a cam girl and I could hear absolutely everything she said in every single session for a good 4 months. pretty much learned the names of her clients. I work from home and it was always a gamble whenever I had to meet with someone virtually.

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    A lot of people have scary memories of their parents losing them in the grocery store, but not many can say they were accidentally stranded by a partner at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

    In a recent post on the subreddit Today I F*cked Up a woman shared the story of how she got stranded while on a road trip with her boyfriend.

    During their drive from New Mexico to Mexico, OP was napping in the back of their converted Honda Element. When OP's boyfriend went in to fill the car with gas, she snuck out to use the bathroom, not thinking to warn him.

    "Last summer. We're on a road trip from New Mexico to Mexico. We have a Honda Element converted for living in, so I crawl in the back to nap while he's driving. He stops at a gas station in the desert of Arizona and while he's pumping, I get out to use the bathroom. Come back out, don't see him, and walk around the parking lot to have a look.

    When OP emerged from the bathroom, she didn't see him, but assumed he'd moved the car.

    However, when she got to the parking lot it was clear he was gone. It took a minute for the reality to sink in before she went to call him from her phone, quickly realizing her phone was also in the car.

    "I jokingly think to myself that maybe he drove off not knowing that i got out to use the restroom, but brush that off. I sit on a bench outside twiddling my thumbs, realizing this may now actually be the case. I reach for my phone to call him, but of course my phone is in the car."

    When OP asked the cashier to use the mini mart phone, they refused - which forced her to ask strangers to use their phones.

    Sadly, OP didn't remember her boyfriend's phone number and by the time she was able to track it down, his phone had died.

    "I go back inside to ask the cashier to use their phone, but she says they don't have one. Obviously they do, but whatever. So I start asking random people in the store to use their phone, which makes people visibly uncomfortable because we're in the middle of nowhere and they think I'll steal it I guess. I go back outside and continue asking strangers for their phone. I realize I don't know my boyfriends number by heart so I just call my phone repeatedly, hoping he'll answer. He doesn't. I use one person's phone to log into my facebook to find my boyfriend's number, but alas, his phone is dead when I call."

    A lot of people were suspicious of OP's sob story, assuming she was going to steal, but some kind souls obliged.

    While OP was clearly distressed and crying, she noticed the store clerk eyeing her suspiciously through the windows.

    "I resort to explaining to everyone whose phone I ask to use my situation. Some don't believe me, others feel really bad, and one man offered to buy me a hotel room for the night in the next town over thinking that my boyfriend left me on purpose and I was just being modest. It's been about 2 hours now. The store clerks through the windows have been looking at me suspiciously for a while, I'm still sitting on this bench in the desert, and have no idea what to do and start bawling my eyes out."

    Not long after being suspiciously eyed, OP was approached by a cop due to her loitering.

    Luckily, the cop had empathy towards OP and offered to drive her to a rest stop.

    "A cop car pulls up and the officer comes to me and lets me know the store clerks called them because ive been loitering, haggling people for phones outside of their store and crying. I explain my situation and shes as confused and sympathetic as all the other people. She tells me I can't stay there so she can either take me to a truck rest stop in the town over or go to the police station."

    As OP rode down the driveway with the cop, another cop called to report a guy looking for his girlfriend at the gas station.

    When OP and her boyfriend were reunited they both simultaneously laughed and cried at the situation.

    "I ask her to take me to the rest stop, although shes not convinced that my boyfriend legitimately left me there on accident. We're driving down the highway when on her radio another cop says he's at the gas station and there's a guy there looking for his girlfriend. I just crack up and she does too, flips the car around and takes me back. And there my boyfriend is standing outside of his car, banging on the windows and nearly crying because he couldn't believe he'd actually done that."

    Apparently, OP's boyfriend assumed she was sleeping in the back of the car until he turned around to gush about some of the scenery.

    At that point, he soon realized she was gone and quickly drove back to the gas station. Understandably, OP's boyfriend was nervous she was angry at him and that it potentially ruined their relationship.

    "He said he was passing some really cool scenery far into the drive and went to wake me up to see too when he realized I wasn't in the car, flipped it around and drove faster than he's ever driven in his life to get back to the gas station. And that he wondered why so many people kept calling me, but didn't feel comfortable answering my phone. He thought for sure that was the end of our relationship and the trip was ruined."

    Luckily, both OP and her boyfriend were able to move on with the rest of their vacation and enjoy it.

    "EDIT: I understand IFU by not relaying my need to pee. Also that it all sounds really stupid objectively and in retrospect, but it makes sense how things happened at the time. Also have never heard of this Last Man on Earth episode until now, so that's pretty funny. I have many a text message/facebook post to prove this happened IRL.

    Not so great Element/Trip pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/SVBZIwp"

    "TLDR: went to use the bathroom while my boyfriend was pumping gas, he didn't know, drove off, and I was stranded, asking people to use their phones for hours until police were called to come get me."

    However, it's highly unlikely they'll ever approach a gas station the same way again.

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    "If you have a job without any aggravations, you don't have a job."

    -Malcolm S. Forbes

    Jobs are annoying as hell, but at least we can laugh at memes to make the time pass more quickly. Every meme you laugh at brings you one minute closer to retirement.
























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    In the era of social media, we all know or are someone who's addicted to getting attention. Someone recently asked Reddit to share about the worst "attention whore" they've ever come across (I prefer the term compulsive attention-seeker, but ok).

    Here are 20 stories of people who will do anything for attention. Turns out, I'm not the worst one!

    Some of these are a little (a lot) dark, so proceed with caution.

    1) From terandir:

    Sister in law. At our wedding she did everything she could to steal attention away from her sister(my wife). She wore a dress that shed had altered to be both low cut and short skirted. Then when no one was paying her attention kept "accidentally" dropping things so she'd would bend over to pick them up.

    When her dad re married she was telling people at the ceremony that she had cancer, but had come to terms with it(she didnt have cancer).

    2) From eclecticsed:

    My fiance has been my best friend since we were kids. Once, in high school, he was dating a girl who decided that after scaring the sh*t out of him by trying to cuff him to the bed against his will, she was going to threaten to kill herself if he dumped her.

    About ten years later I ran into her at a party. She was there with her husband and infant son (not the kind of party you take a baby to, but okay). She proceeded to tell me how they never technically broke up since, being 15 years old, his answer to "If you dump me I'll kill myself" was to just stop talking to her. And because of that, they were technically still together and she was "cheating" on him with her husband, making her son a bastard.

    She was 100% serious, and she also told me to tell him she wanted an apology. This was in front of a lot of very stunned people.

    3) From terandir:

    Sister in law. At our wedding she did everything she could to steal attention away from her sister(my wife). She wore a dress that shed had altered to be both low cut and short skirted. Then when no one was paying her attention kept "accidentally" dropping things so she'd would bend over to pick them up.

    When her dad re married she was telling people at the ceremony that she had cancer, but had come to terms with it(she didnt have cancer).

    4) From MyBunIsMyBestFriend:

    My grandma has to make everything about her. Literally everything, no matter the person or situation. And if the convo switches to where it’s not about her, she gets visibly annoyed and you can see the gears turning in her head as she tries to figure out how to get the conversation back onto her. She constantly re-tells stories she’s already told 1000 times back from when she was younger if she can’t think of anything recent.

    If I have to ever again hear about how she was prom queen back in 1951, or valedictorian of her 10-person 8th grade class, or how whenever she goes anywhere, everyone just LOVES her (she literally says “and you know, they just loved me” all the time), I’m gonna lose it.

    5) From the_purple_flowerpot:

    My roommate's cat died last week. When she told her coworkers, one lady proceeded to start telling a story about a cat she kinda owned that never even lived with her that died 5+ years ago. She got so worked up that she started crying and the entire office started consoling the coworker instead of my roommate whose cat had died the day before. Unbelievable.

    6) From _Pornosonic_:

    I knew a girl in college whose father died at least 6 times over the span of one semester. Like, we would be hanging out, and then she gets a call, and then she drops the phone, her eyes go red, and the waterworks start.

    7) From Pheonixxx95:

    There's a girl in my college classes who claims her dad owns a huge soccer team but doesn't know the name, she's dating one of the LA Lakers but can't give his name out, but she is also talking to someone who's in the NFL to keep her options open. She says her dad works at a local steel factory and has no idea where his extra money comes from because he gives her hush money then called another girl out in class for "lying to fit in"

    8) From lyingcats:

    There was a girl who used to be part of this group of friends that I saw on the odd occasion when I was a teen. I only met her twice, but on both occasions she started to full on sing super loud whenever everybody else was talking and she was not involved in the conversation.

    9) From AnimalLover38:

    There was this British tv shwo about bad mom's and one of them made her daughter dress way older then she looked (daughter wanted to wear a t shirt and jeans to go out to eat, mom made her wear tights, mini skirt, boots, tight T, sleeveless over coat, and a boat load of jewelery. Kid basically looked like she was In a Disney show) and would make her daughter randomly sing and do her cheer routine in public because "you never know who's watching, people get discovered on the streets everyday!"

    10) From screwedphilstudent:

    Anyone who "checks in" at the hospital on Facebook

    11) From radpandaparty:

    Back in early elementary school during art I used to talk sh*t about my own art to get a lot of compliments from other students. My teacher noticed it and told me to stop.

    12) From needs-more-sleep:

    There was a girl in my college that constantly would say sh*t. During orientation she told people she was recovering from brain cancer (didn't happen) and was partially deaf (she wasn't). She then found out my friend had epilepsy so she started doing these exaggerated tremors. She then would fake seizures all the time for all the years she was there, which was a pain the butt because I would have to treat them like real ones. She did it once during a power outage for the most attention possible. She did it so often that once 911 hung up on someone calling it in because they knew it was her.

    Edit: since I keep getting comments about 911 hanging up, I feel like I should mention that the person who called was also a dispatcher.

    13) From Responsible_Rhubarb:

    Girl in college would constantly try to get attention "oh my boyfriend dumped me", "my new guy beats me", "im gay", "im not gay", "i own a signed kurt cobain bass guitar" but by far the worst one " i was raped and the guy got sent to prison" gave people a paper cut out of a rape case but it looked odd, so i tracked it down using The Google and found she had altered it and it was some other girl... we all cut ties with her after that... f*cking psycho

    Wow....just wow.

    14) From NugRats:

    My high school ex posted a picture of a knife to his wrist on twitter after I broke up with him for cheating on me and being pathological liar. He told everyone to message me and to talk to him (I cut off all contact) or he was going to kill him self. I hate that I was young and dumb, so it worked and we ended up back together

    15) From LilEffinMermaid:

    A lady that I work with is the biggest one upper I have ever met. In April I had major surgery to remove half of my digestive system and was given A LOT of attention from our concerned coworkers. She was not happy because she wasn't the center of attention anymore. Well, she found out she needed to have a DNC (outpatient procedure to cauterize her uterus and you're awake for the whole thing) she came into work she decided to milk it for all she could. And when she came into work the next day she was distraught over the fact no one came to check up on her the night before and wouldn't talk about anything but her recovery. By the end of the week she was telling people she was recovering from "cancer surgery." In fact she still complains that she is recovering from it and this happened back in April. She also told me (unsolicited of course) that the reason she didn't come see me while I was in the hospital was because her mom had died in a hospital 13 years ago and she is still grieving and going to a hospital would make her grieving process start all over again. I actually feel bad for her.

    16) From Grandaddyspookybones:

    Alright! In high school, my buddy was banging this girl who told everyone she got shot. I asked her to see the bullet wound and she pulled her shirt down a little so I could see her shoulder. You know what was f*cking covering her wound?

    One single ace bandaid

    Edit: Bonus story!! So she told my buddy he got her pregnant (condom did rip, so believable). She told him she wanted an abortion and needed $60 for it. He gave it to her. But I asked her how she was going to get it for $60. She said she was going to the hospital with a fake ID.

    Edit 2: I forgot the worst of all. She was a loud and proud juggalette

    17) From I_luv_a_good_ronking:

    My ex sister-in-law made up a story that she had cancer....three seperate times... to try to get sympathy/attention.

    18) From Mizamagician:

    There was a chick in my high school who faked pregnancy, claimed to do drugs in the restroom with her drug buddies, and then told people I was the father. I never had sex with her because I kind of had the gay.

    19) From MidnightCiggarette:

    My two ex-friends, they dated in high school, were forced to split because she was legal age (19)and he was 15, got back together and just made a bunch of bad choices together (engaged after a month) and just constantly crying for attention

    Every thing he ‘cooks’ (microwaves) goes onto Facebook and Snapchat with annoying voice overs of her going ‘ooo sooo good’

    Constant posts of ‘oh my god I love my baby so much’ with lovey-dovey photos of them, but they fight and ‘breakup’ more than anyone I have ever known, if he pissed her off she’d text me a picture of her engagement ring being taken off.

    They thought a friend snap chatting a picture out side of their house and not going to see them meant he had to be planning on killing himself, proceeded to spam all their mutuals with panicked messages until they found out it was basically just a ‘hey look I was in your town’ pic.

    Not only are they attention whores but just a total hot mess all together

    20) From shilpos:

    A 'friend' joined me and two others in the Philippines for a couple weeks despite her never having traveled before and despite her having 12000 words to write while for uni we're there.

    About 5 days in she goes storming off in El Nido in the pouring rain in the dark and claims she's tired. We tell her not to go but by this point shes been crying and complaining about the trip all week.

    She's staying in a different room so we didn't hear from her until the next day because reception told us she had checked out but left her watch behind. She wrote on facebook we had been leaving her out (not true) and not being considerate towards her injury (a small graze on her leg) and we weren't being supportive with her uni work (aka not doing it for her).

    Oh and by the way we're all around 26.

    21) From bubzr8:

    This kid who’s chilled out by now and I’m good friends with once was a huge attention whore, one day he walked up to our table while we were peacefully playing smash and pulled out one of those rolls of minty tape (that’s what I call them) meant to make your breath minty and says, “ I’m eating this whole roll and none of you are ever gonna stop me god damn it” and so we didn’t

    0 0

    "Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want."

    -Gael Greene

    If you're attempting to diet, I feel your pain. Feast on these memes and fill up on laughs. It's not as satisfying as eating an entire pizza by yourself, but what is?

























    0 0

    "Life's too mysterious to take too serious."

    -Mary Engelbreit

    Don't take life so seriously. Kick back, relax, and enjoy these memes that were hand-picked just to put a smile on your face this morning.






























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    It's not news that having a marriage, a child, a job, a social life, and a healthy physique is a challenge.

    Sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough hours in a day to be a good spouse, parent, employee, friend and gym member. Of course, the first sacrifice to make when you're overwhelmed by the juggling circus of life is usually your work out.

    However, we all know that exercise is key to our overall mental and physical health. It lifts not only our heart rates, but also our energy levels and mood--all things that contribute back to being a good spouse, parent, employee, and friend. And alas, this is where it gets complicated. On second thought, maybe it's not so tragic to be single forever and drinking wine alone every night with unlimited time? *Rearranges five year plan.*

    When a woman on the "Am I The Asshole (AITA)" section of Reddit asked the internet for help with the stress of "having it all," people were eager to offer their opinion (and judgment).

    AITA for wanting our nanny to stay for an extra 2 hours on weeknights, so I can have time for the gym?

    My husband and I have a 4 year old daughter. We both work, so during the days we have a nanny come in. We still wanted to prioritize family time though.

    I have been feeling really drained recently, missing the hobbies I did before we had our daughter. Back then; I'd do kickboxing right after work on Mondays and Wednesdays, and yoga right after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    And I realized I could still swing it, potentially.

    My time away from home, work and commute combined, is 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

    My husband is away from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm because he works longer hours and had a longer commute.

    If I started going back to working out, I'd still be able to make it home before 6 or 7 every day, and still be able to spend time as a whole family. To be honest, when I have been getting home at 4:30 every day, and taking over from our nanny, all I've wanted to do was zone out.

    So I mentioned to my husband that I was gonna offer our nanny more hours during the week, so I could get to the gym. He went "ok" but didn't seem to be thinking about details, and he didn't ask any more questions.

    So, for the last few weeks, I've been having our nanny stay till 6:30 every weekday, she's happy to have the extra hours and I'm enjoying getting back to my workouts. Plus I use Friday evening to do some grocery shopping alone because it's a lot easier than doing it with a kid in tow.

    I was casually taking to my husband about our monthly budget, which I manage because I'm better with cash, and how I was offsetting the cost of having our nanny stay an extra 10 hours a week. I had stopped going out for lunch as often, and I'd replaced some of our usual purchases (soap, TP, detergent, shampoo, etc) with bulk purchases online.

    And my husband was like "What, 10 hours? You said you were just going out to the gym sometime". So I explained my schedule, and he wasn't happy with it. He said he didn't want to be the type of parents who push their kid off on a nanny all the time. Work is one thing, but going out for hours everyday after work was another.

    I told him about how it made me much more refreshed and happy, the time I all home. So while I'm decreasing the time I'm home a little, I'm really increasing quality time with my family. Because I feel energized rather than drained. I didn't realize how much I missed working out regularly until I got back to it.

    My husband thinks I'm being selfish; he doesn't like that I want so much time to recharge from family time. He thinks it should be fulfilling, not draining.

    And I'm honestly happy it is for him. But I'm an introvert, I like being able to spend some time just focusing on my workout and letting go of stress. And I really don't want to give it up, now that I've been doing it for a few weeks.

    AITA for wanting this much "me time"?

    This is tricky. Granted, I don't know what this child's specific bedtime is, but it seems that this plan only provides her and her husband 1-2 hours every day of actually being with their child? Perhaps her husband's concern was that working out every day is optional, whereas work is not. If he could be home earlier, he would perhaps enjoy more time with his daughter? That being said, if working out is the one thing that is keeping this woman happy in her schedule and her family life, there needs to be some way she can fit it in.

    The people of Reddit weighed in:

    "Violetsmommy" wrote:

    Yeah, I am really confused on “family time” with this schedule. I have a five year old, and our bedtime routine (shower, snack, 15 minutes movie and bedtime story) starts at 745-8 pm. I work until 5 and already feel like we hardly have any time together during the week.

    I think honestly both parents need to adjust their schedules. While I understand completely the need for personal time, I also feel losing some of that is just part of having children. I am the only parent for my daughter so I get maybe one evening a month to do something with friends and that is it. I see nothing wrong with exercise, especially if it has a positive impact on OPs mental health, but I think scaling it back is reasonable. Maybe just two nights per week? I also think OPs husband should be making schedule changes to get home earlier as well. It is unfair to expect OP to be responsible for all of the “family time” that is so important to the husband.

    "afmastro" thinks she is NTA (Not the Asshole):

    Another option, though not pleasant for me, but many people do it, is OP can work out in the morning before work. OP and her husband leave work at 8am right now. If he doesn’t want his daughter without a parent too long, he can take care of the mornings and OP can do afternoon.

    NTA, OP. I don’t blame you for wanting your me time, but if you can swing getting up earlier, maybe go to the gym in the morning.

    I don’t know if the fun classes are in the morning. The YMCA I used to belong to only had spin classes at 5am when they opened. Those are boring IMO. The fun yoga and Zumba classes were in the afternoon and evening.

    Another option would be to look into maybe finding a designated place to set up a workout video in your home and getting some workout videos.

    "rawbface" voted that she's the asshole:

    Do you really spend 2 hours at the gym every day Monday through Friday? With those hours I'd be convinced my wife is cheating on me.

    I have a baby at home and I have a very intense 30 minute workout that I'll do at the gym a few times a week. With changing and showering after it's probably an extra hour until I'm home doing home stuff.

    With your gym schedule it sounds like you really want to get away from that 4 year old. Poor kid. You're entitled to me time of course, this just seems way excessive.

    "bills13mq" wrote:

    not for taking some extra time to take care of your mental and physical health, but for tacking on an extra TEN HOURS a week to do so.

    I try to workout daily, and I’m having a really, really hard time seeing why you need two hours every day to get a workout in. 45 minutes should really be enough— bump that to an hour maybe for travel/simplicity. Doubling that time is frankly over-indulgent.

    The fact that in the comments you compare your husband’s long commute to these two hour relaxation periods confirms for me that yeah, YTA.

    "Malmrawr" voted "Not the Asshole":

    Honestly kind of shocked at all the posters with the judgment. It makes me think they aren't mothers or don't have children. Women in general (studies have proven this) do more household and childrearing work than men, all other things equal, and I'm guessing from the details in this post that this is the case with your family as well. It seems you do all the shopping, all the budgeting/financing, and presumably most of the cooking and housework as well. And prior to your new schedule, you were also providing more childcare than your husband. What no one seems to acknowledge is that taking care of a child is work - and it's hard work. Yes, it is rewarding, but you should absolutely not be expected to sacrifice your needs for the sake of spending every spare hour with your four-year-old. Just because you aren't at work as long as your husband does not mean you don't deserve personal time. If your husband needs personal time too, then it's on him to bring it up and work to find a compromise that allows you both time to take care of your needs. I find time to go to the gym every day, and I do not regret it. It makes me a better mother. Also by your own math, you are still spending more time with your child than your husband. There's probably a compromise in there somewhere - shorten the workout, take the kiddo shopping with you on Friday, etc. - but you shouldn't ever apologize for taking time for yourself. NTA.

    So, there you have it. This is a complicated issue. Most people on Reddit said this mom was in the wrong, but in my opinion, she's not. Even the hours she's using to not go to the gym (Friday) she's spending grocery shopping and providing for the house and her family. She deserves to do what made her happy before she had a child, and she's still coming home when her husband comes home. Cut her some slack!

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    An anti-vaxx mom is getting roasted for her angry response to a school's sign requiring children be immunized in order to attend.

    In a less unhinged world, schools wouldn't need to post signs requiring parents use modern medicine to protect their children from deadly diseases, but this is sadly not the reality.

    In the past decade, the growing anti-vaxxer community has become outspoken, with celebrity talking heads like Jenny McCarthy pushing scientifically debunked misinformation about the "dangers" of vaccines.

    Because of this, many schools are forced to draw up rules and requirements about vaccinations in order to protect children en masse. In response, some anti-vaxx parents are choosing to homeschool their kids or transfer to schools without requirements.

    A recent exchange posted on Imgur shows how one anti-vaxx mom lashed out in response to a school's sign about shots.

    In the face of required immunizations, one mom threatened to homeschool her kids, and went on to declare all the reasons her children would be far safer at home.

    The mom's response immediately ushered in a bevy of fellow parents expressing disapproval towards her dangerous beliefs.

    Several people pointed out how crucial herd immunity is to general public health, so hopefully, the anti-vaxx mom lives near parents with more sense than her.

    She responded by laying out why she believes vaccines are harmful to children (again, none of these reasons are backed by science).

    When she laid out her beliefs that vaccines weaken children, it didn't surprise or convince the naysayers to convert to her beliefs.

    While these exchanges can feel petty at times, particularly when it's a group of people piling on one lone mom, it's truly dangerous for people like this to send their unvaccinated children to school with others. Plus, their children deserve to live in homes that believe in the bounty of modern medicine.

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    Russia is getting in on Hot Girl Summer with it's own variation: Hot Mom Summer.

    That's right, the current thread on Russian Twitter is showing off how beautiful and young-looking your mom is.

    Russians are celebrating hot moms after a woman went viral with a picture of her mother, who incidentally looks exactly like Petra from Jane the Virgin.

    "My mom is 43, and she can still steal any man from me," she wrote.

    If you're thirsty for hot moms, there are dozens more!

    Here's a beautiful 44-year-old.

    This hot mom is 41, and looks suspiciously like a stock photo of a pharmacist.

    She's 60 and has beautiful skin.

    "My mom is 43 and it seems to me that I am the receptionist," a daughter wrote.

    Side note: "I am the receoptionist in the relationship" is a fun phrase that should make it in America.

    Every body is a bikini body, even if you're not blessed with this 53-year-old's abs.

    This 48-year-old looks 28, except for those old school sunglasses.

    Dame Helen Mirren is Russian?

    "All moms know this mom. She's 40 and stole her daughter's boyfriend."

    It's Hot Bob Summer, too.

    Which........which one is the mom?

    The classic Mother-Daughter trip to Coachella.

    Not gonna lie...I'm more intrigued by the balloon man.

    This Hot Mom is hardcore.

    Congratulations to all these daughters on their hot moms.

    May we all be as hot as this lady when we reach 60.

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    The #metoo movement shed light on the fact that sexual assault or harassment are a regular part of most women's daily lives. But if you're a woman or were born female, you probably knew that already.

    Recently, a woman named Kenidra Woods on Twitter asked women to share their stories of being groped, catcalled or sexually harassed. She got an overwhelming large number of replies from women, and a few men, describing these incidents in almost every area of their lives—in public, at work, at school, with strangers, on the street, and at home. For many women, the problem began when they were children.

    Many women pointed out the frequency with which they've experienced some form of sexual abuse or harassment in their lives, while others noted that almost every woman they know has experienced the same.

    "Ladies, raise your hand if you've ever been groped, catcalled, sexually assaulted," she wrote. "I wanna show you how common this is."

    Her tweet was met with hundreds of responses. Here are some of them.

    Trigger warning: contains stories of rape and abuse.
























    These stories barely even scratch the surface. Kenidra's initial tweet got hundreds and hundreds of replies.

    Many women are pointing out that almost every single woman has experienced this to some degree. Those are bleak statistics.

    And for those who have experienced it (most/all of us), it's often a regular/common occurrence.

    And the problem begins to impact girls at a painfully young age.

    Some women even fight back, though this is often not an option.

    And sexual harassment does not target only women. This man shared his own account of sexual abuse.

    Kenidra said she's received messages from women who have been assaulted by their husbands—a reminder that abuse can and often does occur within the home or from people we know or love.

    She posted a response to all of the women who responded, and spoke up about her own experience feeling "like an object rather than a human being."

    People sometimes like to grumble that the #metoo movement has "gone too far." But these stories should make it clear that it still has a very, very long way to go.

    If you're dealing with abuse, you don't need to go through it alone. You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or chat online at RAINN.org.

    0 0

    2019 has been a trying year for us all.

    The planet is slowly melting, our president is a clown, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up, and it doesn't look like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are going to fall in love any time soon.

    However, it's pretty hard to believe we're nearly halfway through it and we're about to enter the 2020's. Will we have another roaring 20's because the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if prohibition happened again...

    In the meantime, we all deserve a laugh. Here are some people who are just barely making it through this challenging year:

    1. Everyone who invented this floating tent.

    2. This man who doesn't know how to make tea.

    3. Oh noooo.

    4. When your therapist owns you.

    5. This drunk queen applying concealer to her lips.

    6. This is anxiety-inducing.

    7. She looks great!

    8. Who approved this?

    9. Love is complicated.

    10. Being fabulous is a struggle.

    11. Yikes.

    12. This woman who lost her lobster roll.

    13. It's always better to try?

    14. This is amazing.

    15. Genius.

    0 0

    Dating is tough no matter how old you are. Regardless of whether you've been on the scene for decades, or you're just spreading your romantic wings, there is truly no rule book for finding a meaningful relationship.

    Nonetheless, there is an endless industry full of self-help books, dating advice columns, and dating experts doling out instructions on the dos and donts of navigating romance and hookups. So naturally, most of us with an ounce of experience have played our hand at love life guru from time to time.

    Sadly though, the intentions behind romantic advice can often get lost in translation, particularly if you're talking to a teenager.

    In a recent post on the subreddit Am I The *sshole, a 20-year-old asked if he was wrong for giving his 15-year-old cousin dating advice.

    "AITA for giving my cousin honest dating advice?!"

    OP started the post by sharing that he was a late bloomer and empathizes with how difficult the high school years can be.

    Because of this, OP feels a particular solidarity with his 15-year-old cousin.

    "Hey, so some backstory first. I'm 20M, my cousin is 15M. I was a late bloomer, meaning I saw how fucking awful dating could be, and then how it all turned round when puberty hit me like a brick house, so I have perspective on how shallow most girls can be. My cousin is growing up, he's decent looking for his age, but is quite awkward."

    Since OP's teen cousin is shy and new to the world of love and lust, OP decided he would give him a list of dating pointers.

    "He doesn't know how to deal with dating, since he's quite shy - so he's been asking me for advice. I gave him a list basically saying these things"

    • Be confident, you're out for your own best interests

    • Don't settle for second best - meaning don't go after a girl that's not up to your standards - likewise don't be a second option to a girl. The moment she mentions another guy in a romantic/sexual way you blast her from your life

    • Be very selective with relationships. Decent human beings are hard to come by in the dating world, even when you've got it good. Most people in my honest opinion are good for short-term stuff but never as relationship/dating material. I told him that he's gonna make damn well sure a girl measures up before he gives any commitment.

    • Deal with rejection quickly and efficiently. Get rejected? Move on - NEXT. Hanging around a girl that rejected you reflects horribly on you, it makes you look weak and is a waste of time for you. Don't hang around uninterested girls.

    • "Are you doing the rejection? Expect the same, and don't take any clinging.

    • If in a relationship, don't let her change you. You are you, never change your way of life for anyone"

    OP's advice is fairly heavy on the emphasis that most girls aren't worth a relationship, and jumping into commitment isn't worth it.

    "Anyway, my cousin took this to heart, he went to a party and apparently made out with a classmate. I'm proud of him, but his mom (my aunt) got to hear my advice and is infuriated. She told me I was "poisoning" her sweet boy, and that he's fine just the way he is, and that having relationships is wayyy healthier than my method, also apparently it's "toxic"?

    Apparently, OP's cousin took the advice to heart and made out with a girl at a party with no plans to take her on a date.

    Somehow, OP's aunt found out about the advice, and is now angry at him for "poisoning" her teenage son.

    "She said I was being misogynistic and cruel with my logic and we aren't currently on speaking terms. Am I in the wrong here? I honestly think relationships are an extreme measure, most people are honestly not worth anything more than a fling (me included), and 15-year olds shouldn't waste their time with crushes and relationships.

    OP is adamant that he was only trying to help his cousin by dissuading him from jumping into relationships as a teenager.

    But now he's brought the situation to the internet for a larger consensus.

    I only wanna help my cousin out here, AITA?"

    Embolisms doesn't think OP is a jerk, because he's so young and still inexperienced himself, but offered some counteradvice.

    "As someone a decade older, I think your advice is well meant but not fabulous. You seem really keen on the "no emotions ever until you meet the perfect person", but you're missing the critical empathy, consideration, and introspection you develop when you enter a relationship--especially true for younger people who blunder around still egocentric from recent childhood. I would be very loathe to dating someone older with no relationship experience (even if they've had plenty of sex)--it's a headache teaching someone how to share their lives and coexist in a relationship. Fine at 20, causes problems at 30."

    "Be very selective with relationships. Decent human beings are hard to come by."

    Lol at 15 years old, decent human beings are nowhere near fully developed. They're learning, growing, maturing. Relationship experience is important: you learn valuable insight about yourself, your wants, your needs, and most importantly--how to be considerate and empathetic towards another person who won't always be in 100% alignment with you."

    "Not having any relationship experience, but holding out for tHe OnE fosters a choosingbeggar attitude towards relationships as you're anxious to choose The One--"weird thumbs. NEXT! I don't like one of her friends. NEXT! She said something I didn't like once. NEXT!" Except, you honestly won't know what to look out for unless you've had some relationship experience under your belt. I started dating later in life because I also had anxiety about choosing The Right One."

    "It led to some terrible relationships, because I didn't have enough experience to notice the warning signs and red flags. It could've gotten too serious if it weren't for my friends warning me. Thankfully, because of the experiences I've had since--good and bad--I have a pretty clear idea of the qualities I'm looking for.... But you don't get there without experience. And you won't have experience if you refuse relationships looking for qualities you yourself don't fully know. See the problem?"

    "Also, you're hardly a perfect person yourself--and gaining some introspection isn't a bad thing. Relationship experience is a two way street. Nobody is perfect, and with experience many young people are capable of changing or maturing if you're both receiving and good at communicating. If you've never had an actual relationship, you probably won't realize what a lot of your own faults are. Also, emotionally shutting down as a defense mechanism gets old quickly."

    "If in a relationship, don't let her change you"

    Refusing to ever mature because you can't handle learning to make compromises and sharing your life with another person? Do you really want to be 40 years old with a 20 year old's mentalities because you don't ever want to change?"

    "Regardless, it's a step in the right direction and gave your cousin confidence to explore--15 is an appropriate age to start. You're only 20, it's just harmless peer advice--it's not like you're 45 coming from a place of expected wisdom and authority. NTA."

    Kaleopolitis pointed out how the advice dehumanizes women in many ways, but ultimately took issue with the tone of it.

    "NAH - Eh, I mostly take issue with the tone of the advice. You don't seem to treat women as people here, nor take into account the nuance of maintaining relationships. You're also coming at it from a logical point of view with little consideration for the very real emotional side. I feel as though you have a lot left to learn yourself, and I wish you all the best in finding your path."

    "That said your aunt is ABSOLUTELY in her right to tell you not to give advice to HER child. Respect it, apologize, don't do it again."

    blizzaga1988 pointed out some of the major logic flaws in the advice.

    "YTA? There is definitely a strong air of sexism/incel-ishness to this advice, even if some of it is good. I definitely agree with the "be confident" thing. I don't agree necessarily with the "drop people who reject you" thing, specifically the "it makes you look weak" nonsense. A man being able to still function around someone that rejected them exudes confidence to me, not frailty."

    "You also literally can't possibly know how a relationship is going to end, re: the commitment thing. You can never be sure."

    "But probably the "never let her change you" thing is the most bizarre, especially to a 15 year old. What 15 year old doesn't need to change??? I agree that, you know, certain passions and interests shouldn't be given up for another person, but everyone can stand to improve themselves and make themselves a little better bit by bit.

    Overall, the relationship advice you doled out seems pretty bleak."

    beepborpimajorp pointed out the absurdity of telling a 15-year-old to "never change themselves" since compromise and growth is necessary for a healthy relationship.

    "YTA but you're young and I'm hoping you'll grow out of it. Most girls aren't 'shallow' and by thinking that you're poisoning your own well, to borrow the metaphor. You're also being ridiculous with your whole BE VERY SELECTIVE AND NEVER CHANGE thing. How, exactly, do you think he's going to get actual experience in a relationship if he never lets himself have one? And dating/making out is way different than having a relationship."

    "I have a feeling this is why so many people make it to their 30's without a clue as to how to treat their partner once they want to settle down. As evidenced by a lot of posts in this very sub. Your advice about him not turning into a 'nice guy' by pining over girls that reject him is sound. Everything else though...yikes."

    Ultimately, the internet seemed to mostly side with the aunt's interpretation of the advice, while acknowledging that OP's intentions seem in the right place and he is still very young himself.

    0 0

    An influencer is insisting that she didn't stage a motorcycle accident as sponsored content for a bottled water brand.

    Yikes, that is an extremely 2019 sentence.

    Let's break it down.

    Tiffany Mitchell is a lifestyle blogger in Nashville whose sepia-tinted Instagrams make it seem like it's always autumn in Tennessee.

    The "Before" picture.

    In a series of now-deleted posts, Mitchell posed with her beloved motorcycle, and after "misjudging a curve," she was on the ground, with her makeup still immaculate and a bottle of SmartWater perfectly in focus, with the label facing the camera. A hot model of a man appeared magically by her side, ready to find his light, and she was absolutely #blessed to have a photographer at the crash site.

    You'd think a photographer would put the camera down and call an ambulance if there was an emergency, but we all have priorities.

    On the ground, spread out like Jesus in Michaelangelo's iconic Pietà, Mitchell posted pictures of her body with no cuts, but a wee bit of dirt on her shoulder.


    After the screenshots went viral, Mitchell insisted to BuzzFeed that "would never turn a very important personal story like this into a brand campaign."

    Mitchell must have known that the photoshoot looked fishy, because she asked BuzzFeed not to write an article "as it would 'draw negative attention.'" SmartWater told reporter Tanya Chen that they have no brand partnership with the influencer, but people are still skeptical.

    Super-sleuths are also pointing out that the before and after pictures feature different helmets.

    Plus, any biker would know that you're not supposed to remove the helmet—whatever color it is—as not to risk paralysis.

    If influencers are staging photos, then who can we trust? Is everything on the internet a lie?

    0 0

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    Ferris from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    Life definitely moves pretty fast, we're already almost two decades deep in the 2000s. If you remember the 80s and 90s these memes will take you back to the good old days.




























    0 0

    There are rare times when reading the comments is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Such is the case for a recent post on the Baby Bumps subreddit, where a mom-to-be's venting session about a coworker was quickly overshadowed by a hilarious voice text left in solidarity.

    "WARNING! RANT! Coworker(F) giving me a hard time after finding out about my pregnancy!"

    "A little bit of background to this. I have a coworker that I have worked with for 3 years now. I work for a small office, only 5 employees and we share an office together. We've been involved in each other's lives and do things outside of work since I started working here, and have created mutual friends along with that, so she feels that she can give unsolicited advice CONSTANTLY."

    The original post is a rant against a judgemental coworker who constantly doles out pregnancy-related criticisms.

    "I started a weight loss journey in Jan 2017 and lost 50 pounds and was successful with my goals. Maintained my weight through my 1 1/2 year engagement up to my wedding. During that time, she made comments on my weight loss and how I was trying to starve myself and try to not get "too skinny." I looked at that as a little bit of jealousy since she is over weight and "tries" to diet and then eats constantly through out the work day."

    "After just getting married in December, we have found out we are pregnant with baby #1, due is September. It was not planned, but we were for sure not preventing, and was not expecting it to happen so soon. The moment she found out she started commenting on the food I would eat. Mind you, morning sickness has not been kind. Especially in the late afternoon and evening, so I have been eating little snacks throughout my day. "

    "I was addicted to coffee before this and the fact I couldn't drink as much and then realizing morning sickness wasn't allowing me to keep it down has not helped with my demeanor either. She would constantly say that what snacks I am eating isn't baby friendly, and that I need to give baby the food it needs and eat more. This is obviously all new to me. I've never been pregnant before. The fact you fight the urge to throw up every time you yawn is a mental struggle in itself and the fact that you yawn constantly cause you're tired from growing a human!"

    "Recently our boss called in to ask how I was doing, her response as she starred at me working, "She's just wallowing in self-pity, she needs to get over it, cause this is her life now." She gets off the phone and look at her and say "Was that about me?" She says yes and how she thinks I'm being a little dramatic with my feelings. Hormone Beast then unleashes. I then say "Have you ever been pregnant before?" She responds no, to which I reply "THEN SHUT THE F**K UP." My best friend believes that it's jealousy as she lives with her boyfriend of 12 years and is no where near where she wanted to be at this point. "

    Apparently the coworker feels frustrated with the lack of momentum in her long-term relationship, and has been taking out those insecurities on OP.

    "She has admitted in the past that she thinks life sucks cause everyone around her got married and is having babies and she doesn't see her BF giving that to her. I'M SORRY BUT THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. I firmly believe that if there is something about your life that you don't like, do something about it. You hold your destiny. I am now leaving this job for a part time position at another company to help give me a less stressful pregnancy and easier transition after baby is born, and I don't see the attitude and judgment ending even until my last day."

    This is of course, extremely difficult to deal with on top of the physical stress of being pregnant.

    "Thanks for letting me vent. I just know there are ladies here that have probably been in this situation and I hate how some women can't be supportive towards their fellow women out there. Rant over."

    While the rant itself is relatable for many, the post really blew up when Myshkinia's comment transformed from a genuine post of solidarity into a voice text of her changing her son's diaper.

    "I’m experiencing this and have been with my best friend. :( She has BPD and it makes it even harder. My pregnancy and child have brought up a ton of horrible do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop poop We have a poop we have a poop we have a poop poop poop poop poop poop poop is that a poop is that a poop I think we have a poop we have a poop we have a poop poop poop poop poop poop poop is that a poop is that a poop oh my it is a poop I love you my poopy boy I love you my poopy boy"

    "Mama change your poop you mamas poopy boy I love you my poopie boy oh my little buddy mama is almost done mamas almost done oh there we go there we go good job good job we did a good job poopy boy you stink you stink poopie boy can mama put your pants on hey can I put your pants on mama put your pants on ok I love you buddy I love you that’s my buddy oh there we go no more poops no more poops now we got a wash our hands OK Can you sit here while mama wash her hands just for one second while mama washes their hands OK here take this take this put that in your mouth good boy just one second"

    The comment quickly jetted off into the absurd sunrise of the internet, and when Myshkinia realized what happened she decided to keep the voice text up and return later to finish her thought.

    "Jesus Christ... accidental talk to text during a diaper change. I have to get him down. I’ll finish this comment in a bit!"

    The OP Morokea was overjoyed by the absurdity of the diaper change transcription.

    "Omg thank you for this gem of a comment, it totally made my day LOL!"

    Once the diaper change was finished, Myshkinia jumped back on to expand and clarify her thoughts on the original coworker post, sans the word "poop."

    "Hehe! You’re welcome! Anyway, our society is a bit psychotic when it comes to pressuring women to have babies and having all these subtle ways of measuring them as less-than, like partnering up and procreating (and doing it “properly”) is an achievement akin to getting a lucrative position at a prestigious company, or buying a luxurious home, or graduating from an Ivy League school. You know what I mean? We’re meant to feel like we’ve missed important milestones or have even become superfluous as women if we don’t attain that."

    "I definitely felt an odd sense of diminishing worth when my younger cousins were getting married and having children, even though I knew that was silly. I didn’t take that out on them. I was truly happy for them, but it still was impossible not to compare myself to them and feel I was coming up short, and feel bad about it. I turned those bad feelings inward, but not everyone has that response. We all deal with things differently. My friend suffers from BPD, so she is more susceptible to jealousy, outbursts, inappropriate behavior and comments like your colleague, but it’s still coming from a place of pain and lots of complicated feelings I’m sure she doesn’t entirely understand."

    "I know she’s being a bitch, but she is hurting. We’re very, very lucky to be blessed with children. She is probably more deserving of your pity than your anger. At least try to bite your tongue, knowing that you have SO MUCH to be happy about, and that’s why she’s treating you that way. I’m not saying it’s right or she should just get a pass, but she’s dealing with something difficult, and it can’t hurt to try to be empathetic."

    Myshkinia also added an edit to clarify why she brought up her friend's BPD, and that she doesn't intend to spread stigma.

    "Edit: Someone has requested that I delete the reference to BPD in this comment, because people with BPD have enough stigma and enough problems with prejudice and misunderstanding already. Unfortunately, I feel like the damage is done since there are so many responses addressing the BPD, and it would be pretty incoherent and confusing if I took out any reference to BPD in this. Instead, I would just like to specify that my friend has entirely untreated BPD (she has stopped seeing every doctor who has diagnosed her with it, which thus far has been every doctor she’s ever been to), and that many people with BPD do not behave this way. I really don’t mean to perpetuate any stereotypes or cast aspersions on anyone suffering from this disorder. The last thing I want to do is make life any more difficult for people with BPD."

    While the discussion of misogyny, motherhood, and dealing with difficult friends and coworkers is edifying in itself, the internet has unsurprisingly clung to the voice text of the diaper change.

    In fact, the whole exchange made its way to Twitter for people to enjoy.

    In the weird hellstorm of 2019, sometimes the most uplifting comment out there is a voice text of a diaper change.

    0 0

    Early dating is fun because the hormones in your brain make you think everything about the person is adorable—from the way they chew to the way they explain everything to you, sometimes twice. But long-term commitment has a way of transforming people before your eyes, and things you once found adorably quirky might make you want to scream into your pillow if you co-habitate long enough.

    Someone asked married people of Reddit: "what’s something your SO does that you used to find cute when you were dating but now irritates/infuriates/ annoys you?"

    These 26 married people shared the things about their partners that they used to find cute—and they no longer do. Some of these people's marriages may be in trouble, but who am I to say?!

    1.) Being a morning person.

    From fuzzyoctopus97:

    His happiness in the mornings, used to make me feel a bit more cheery as we both were up at the asscrack of dawn and he’d just be happy to start his day while I wasn’t too happy, I’m not a morning person, but I have rarely gotten to sleep in past 5 o’clock since I was 14, and now I unfortunately wake up at the time even when I don’t have too. Now instead of making me more cheery in the mornings I just feel irritated, which is completely dumb, because he’s just being his normal happy self, but f*ck, dude, quite being so damn pleasant so early in the damn morning it’s pissing me off. It also pisses off our toddlers, who hate mornings just as bad and want him to stop singing to them while they eat their breakfast, but when that happens I feel better, because damnit if I’ve gotta listen to him be happy so do you, ya little shits

    2.) Being an introvert.

    From slothin_around:

    My husband hates social interaction (even relaying information to and from friends sometimes) and will avoid it at all cost. At first it was cute, he would beg me to make the calls to order food or find out information. Now I find it very inconvenient - especially when I'm not in the mood to talk to people either.

    Honey if you are reading this I love you very much. What do you want for dinner?

    3.) Sarcasm.

    From MissPlaceDApostrophe:

    The sarcasm.

    It would be nice to bring up a topic and not get a zinger in response. "What do you want from the grocery store?" "Five pounds of filet mignon, some motor oil, and, oh, a million dollars." No, duckface, its 100 degrees out and the kids need food. I'd much rather sit next to you on the couch. WHAT DO YOU F*CKING WANT!

    4.) The chit-chat.

    From IrisIncarnate:

    She talks c o n s t a n t l y. I'm a guy who can appreciate a good silence but she hates it. She has to fill every silence by talking or humming or singing or playing music or putting on a TV show. Most of the time she isn't talking to me, really. Example; as I type this she is playing Fallout and just kinda narrating her experience. It's still pretty cute and charming at times, tbh, but when we first started dating I found it far more adorable.

    This issue is that since she's constantly making noises with her mouth, I have grown accustomed to just tuning her out or doing other stuff or leaving the room mid-sentence because, once again, she USUALLY ISNT REALLY TALKING TO ME. Unfortunately, sometimes she IS talking to me and then I look like the dickhead for not listening. But I think if I listened in-depth to every tiny thing that came out of her mouth to verify she was or was not speaking to me I would lose my mind.

    5.) Being anti-confrontational.

    From Relleck_ENI:

    Her anti-confrontational attitude. It was a breath of fresh air to be with someone who had a pretty laid back attitude about things and didn't seek to make a fight out of the smallest things.

    11 years later, still can't get her to properly communicate her own desires and/or gripes during an argument, or confront a family member about something out of line they've done.


    ****** Edit: Would like to add we are definitely working on this together. It used to be much, much worse. Since this seems to have resonated with a surprising amount of people, wanted to just add one little thing that has had an impact. ******

    We now try to proactively have touch-base conversations. I've accepted that in the heat of an argument she will absolutely clam up, and that in the middle of a potential concern or issue, she may not immediately communicate her dissatisfaction. So instead we try to touch base every couple of weeks or so in an open and friendly conversation. * How you feeling? General happiness level? Anything bother you as of late? Anything I could be doing for you, or more of?*

    That kind of stuff. Hope it helps.

    6.) Being laid back.

    From jenmoe:

    My husband’s laidback attitude. I truly appreciate that he doesn’t stress about much; he definitely adds balance to my (pre)crastination.

    At times though I wish he was more timely. We’re going on a road trip? Maybe we should book a hotel in advance, not 20 minutes before getting there.

    We moved across the country and I set up the Relocube, pick up, and, drop off. I asked him to research potential apartments. The week we were to have our Relocube delivered we still didn’t have an apartment or even one in mind. Our Relocube was set to be delivered on Saturday, we signed our lease on Friday.

    I’ve learned to take the lead on planning, but it would be a nice “break” for me mentally if I didn’t also have to do it.

    7.) Forcing the funny.

    From chlnaturester:

    My husband always tries to make me laugh. I honestly hope he never stops trying, but there are times when it's like "really?? You're trying to make me laugh NOW?!"

    8.) From knows-a-lot to know-it-all.

    From MarieOMaryln:

    Dating: Wow he knows a lot! I love that he always seems to have the answer. We won't have many problems to worry about when we combine our knowledge!

    Now: Omfg babe it won't kill you to be wrong. Not everything has to be an argument just because your answer has been challenged!

    9.) Life being a 24-7 episode of Glee.

    From jonnyboy98:

    Her having to sing everything like it’s a perfected choral piece.

    10.) Being a professional athlete.

    From StraightOuttaBottoms:

    Reversing the roles, I play football/soccer at a high level and she used to find it cute to watch me play and train.

    Now that she’s realised the fact that I have to travel on and off, and train every day for most of the day either with my club or on my own I can safely say she despises the sport...

    11.) The hair.

    From Captain23222:

    Her hair. She has such long, beautiful hair but it gets everywhere. Drains. Sinks. Carpets. Ive had to sit and cut hairs out of the vacuum so it would work again because it had tied up the rolly bit. Not to mention I've had her hair on me and all through my clothing.

    12.) Being a bad storyteller.

    From cinnapear:

    He can not tell a story. Rambling, unnecessary details, and the listener is three steps ahead the entire time, just waiting for it to slowly unspool.

    13.) Being needy.

    From __ideal_:

    In the beginning he used to really need me and he always required a LOT of attention.

    I loved it, at first.

    I loved to feel needed and I 100% absolutely loved to lavish him with my adoring attention endlessly...

    I was absolutely devoted.

    Fast forward 15 years...

    I feel used up and taken for granted.

    He has never reciprocated, our relationship has always been strongly one way.

    His behaviour was exactly what I wanted and needed - at one point.

    Now it's just something that upsets me. A lot.

    14.) Being clumsy.

    From TheGrog1603:

    Clumsily break things accidentally. It'd be a teaspoon one day or a shoelace the next. Little insignificant, 'how-on-earth-did-you-manage-to-break-that?' type of things. Started out quite cute and amusing. Now it's a case of 'Babe, that's like the fourth vacuum cleaner this year, and it's a f*cking Dyson.'

    15.) Being too likable.

    From pixel_zealot:

    Not married, but engaged and have been together for almost 5 years now? Everyone likes her. She's a very likable person, but my friends and family like her more than me. Just gets to me sometimes when she tells me something about a friend or family member that I should have heard from them.

    Edit: Just to be clear, I don't mind it. I like it because she makes socialising easier for me, that way I can sit back, relax and just listen and enjoy the company. The side effects, as mentioned above, can be annoying but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    16.) Taking control/being a control freak.

    From Neishia:

    First off, still very happily married and in love! However, there is one thing that does cause a ruckus every now and again. When we were dating and living together, we would do diy stuff around the house. I know a little past the basics because my dad made sure to teach me things and of course there is always youtube, so I'm not helpless by any stretch. In fact I owned several of my own power tools before we got together.

    When doing one of these projects, he often wouldn't let me do much. Back then I thought, "What a gentleman, doesn't want me to get dirty." or whatever. Nowadays I'll be watching him do something and know a better way of doing said task, and it's like he doesn't believe me. So he'll try 18 other ways before landing on the way I suggested and it working out just dandy. It's pretty frustrating. I can do more than hold something while you work!

    It's not a deal breaker, but sometimes I let him know just how stupid he was acting, and how much time it wasted by not just trying my way first. Even if my suggestion doesn't work, what did you lose?

    17.) Talking in a *little baby voice*

    From sixesand7s:

    Talk in a baby voice, shit was cute at the beginning, but when you're asking me if you can have my last beer in the fridge in a tiny baby voice, f*ck no, now I need it.

    EDIT: Just making an edit to say I love her and no, I don't hate her for this.

    18.) Being a slow eater.

    From CreampuffOfLove:

    Takes forever to eat a meal. It was very well-suited to long dates, romantic dinners, those intense getting-to-know-you conversations at the beginning. 15 years later and I just want to have a meal where I'm not done before he's barely taken a bite!

    His whole family is like this and I simply don't understand. It's food, you put it on a plate and you eat it and go on with life! Not for them, mealtimes often stretch on for hours, occasionally into the next bloody meal if it's a family event. I just don't get it.

    ETA: He's not European, just a sloooooow eater!

    19.) Indecisiveness.

    From rawbface:

    Her indecisiveness. It was adorable to see her struggle when we were dating but goddammit I'm just trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

    20.) Falling asleep.

    From Whitehexe:

    Falls asleep INSTANTLY.

    He works long hours (Japanese. In Japan) and is always tired, which I get. But he falls asleep literally while eating or in the middle of a sentence.

    Was really cute. And I still can’t actually be mad at him because I know it’s because he’s working so hard. But when we only get late evenings to talk over a quick dinner and I’m constantly having to wake him up every 5 minutes... gets less and less cute.

    21.) Bossiness.

    From SerielAwooer:

    Her Bossiness. She came from a really hard upbringing and I was floored by how she was taking charge and refusing to fall into the same trap as her family.

    Actually I still am floored. Even when I'm annoyed at being bossed around I'm proud. From trailer park to prosecutor. She's amazing.

    22.) Defending the Devil.

    From magicfluff:

    Plays the devil's advocate.

    When we first started dating it was fun and challenging to debate the points. Now it's tiring and just "can we agree GENOCIDE IS BAD?! There is no "middle ground" option"

    "Well if I can play devil's advocate-"

    "I will cut a bitch dear. So help me god, I will cut a bitch."

    We still have plenty of intellectual debates, we don't staunchly agree on everything and we're able to open each other's minds. But playing devil's advocate got old quick lol

    ETA: devil's advocates can definitely help see a different perspective in the world. But I dont need that on EVERY point. Especially if it's a personal problem and I'm just trying to rant.

    23.) Spontaneity.

    From totallyoriginalname2:

    His spontaneity.

    It used to be really fun and sexy...but now it's like living with a real life Homer Simpson/Phil Dunphy hybrid.

    No joke, I am just waiting for the day he comes home with a bag of 'magic beans'

    Edit: I've had a lot people asking for more stories of my husband doing crazy shit.

    I think my favorite is: on our first date we got caught in a rain storm, I was wet to the bone and wearing a skirt...so he offered me his pants.

    24.) Jealousy.

    From Oenonesart:

    His jealousy was a little cute at first because it was very mild and appeared harmless. I figured he would learn over time that he could trust me completely and it would lessen or go away. It took a completely opposite turn and he became violently jealous of every man who so much as looked in my direction. We are now divorced.

    25.) Debating everything.

    From slanted_shoes:

    Debate with me. At the beginning it was great because I felt like I met my intellectual equal. Now I realize she’s just a disagreeable person. I’m 90% sure if I told her the sky was blue, she would find a way to dispute my assertion with some pendantic loophole

    EDIT: ok people, it feels like half of these responses came from my wife. I just double checked out the window, the sky is definitely blue. Do you want to know what shade of blue? SKY BLUE!! Explaining WHY it’s blue doesn’t make it not blue. Baaaah!!

    26.) Bathroom stalking?!

    From Plain_Jaine:

    Constantly watching me in the bathroom. It was fun at first, we always make/made jokes. But now there are times I just want to be left alone to sh*t for f*cks sake.

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    “I don't hate people. I just feel better when they're not around.”

    ― Charles Bukowski

    You don't have to pretend to be a people-person to appreciate these memes. This isn't a job interview. In fact, this entire list is full of memes for people who'd rather be left alone once in a while. Anyone who hates people will love these hilarious memes.


























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    Have you ever played the party game Celebrity, where you write down a bunch of famous peoples' names and put them in a bowl, and challenge your guests to make you guess the name? Well, this story is basically the bowl of celebrities' names.

    The gist: Ellen DeGeneres defended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, after they were criticized for flying on Elton John's private jet.

    The Royal couple value environmental conservation and confronting the existential threat of climate change as one of their Causes. Harry recently said that he and Meghan plan on having 'maximum' two children, because that's the most the planet can handle.

    Everyone's disdain for hypocrisy and the British media's bloodlust for Meghan made it the perfect tabloid story when the Harry and Meghan took four private jets in eleven days. One of those journeys was to Nice, France, sponsored by Elton John, the guy from Harry's mum's funeral.

    Not gonna lie: The Sun can pun.

    (Side note: cool that the plane story gets the full page when the one on the side is literally about how Prince Andrew brought pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to one of the Queen's houses).

    Elton John also defended H-H-H-Harry and the jets, and condemned the "distorted and malicious press."

    The singer evoked Princess Diana and said that he felt compelled to protect Harry from the press, and chartered a private flight. Elton insisted that because of their commitment to the environment, he and his husband "ensured their flight was carbon neutral, by making the appropriate contribution to Carbon Footprint™," a charity which does carbon-offsetting projects like planting trees.

    Ellen DeGeneres also tweeted in the couple's defense, flexing the fact that she and Portia de Rossi hung out with them, and they only want to make the world a better place.

    Jetgate has become such a huge story that even a Member of Parliament has gotten involved, condemning press coverage of Harry and Meghan as "a witch-hunt replete with nasty racial and xenophobic overtones.

    Harry and Meghan can offset their carbon footprint, but Andrew can't offset having been implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

    0 0

    Something about the high stress and expectations of a wedding seems to bring out the worst in people, especially brides. In their defense, society has been telling women forever that a wedding must be "perfect" and "the best day of your life." So you can't really blame a gal for caving under the pressure. But many brides take entitled, nightmare behavior way too far, earning the much-loathed and feared title of "bridezilla." And nobody is more familiar with bridezillas than people who work in the wedding and bridal industry.

    Someone asked people on Reddit who work in this industry: "what are your worst bridezilla stories?" And it's not only brides who are guilty of bad behavior. Here are 20 stories about bridezillas, groomzillas, momzillas and a few made-of-honorzilas whose entitled, batsh*t crazy behavior was impossible to forget:

    1.) From CapitanMyCaptain:

    Oh I work as a wedding server, awesome job I love it. As soon as someone says bridezilla this one story where the manager of our hotel had to shut down the wedding halfway through comes to mind. This was the bridezilla of all the bridezillas I've ever seen.

    There were a lot of little things leading up that were casual bridezilla until the wedding took a sharp turn. At one point she accused the wedding server staff of stealing her veil... then the manager found it in her room and also showed her the card swipes to her room proving only she had been in the room that day.

    About 20 minutes later she was screaming at some poor front desk employee accusing her of stealing her wedding boots. Manager intervened and after a long talk the photographer told them he had a photo of the boots on the staircase of the church, and asked if she had worn them since... when she said no she told our place it was our job to have picked them up and made sure she had them (the church was not related to our place at all).

    THEN shortly after she started opening the wedding gifts frantically inside the ballroom and screaming at anyone and everyone, guests included, saying someone stole her wedding certificate.

    After that , our manager gathered the wedding staff and told us to take off our uniform jackets, Empty them in front of him, then to clock out and go home. Which we all did, none of us stole anything , and we heard next day the maid of honor had the certificate and after we left the wedding was shut down completely. Room left as is for the bride to come back to in the morning.

    2.) From Haceldama:

    Florist- We had a bride and her mother show up at 9am. They wanted to order a bridal bouquet, a mother of the bride cattelya orchid corsage, a boutonniere for the groom, and six smaller ones for the groomsmen. The wedding was scheduled for noon. Yep, three hours from then, and they wanted them ready by the time they were done with thier makeup appointment at the beauty parlor a few doors down. The bride was flipping through the FTD sample book and pointing out the style and flowers she wanted. Think garden roses with long sweeping trails of stephanotis and variegated ivy, all three of which would require at least a week's advanced order with our suppliers. She was absolutely gobsmacked that we didn't carry extremely expensive and highly perishable flowers at all times. Same with the catteleya orchid for the mom's corsage. My boss told them that since they didn't place an order beforehand they would be limited to what we had in stock, and simple styles that could be assembled quickly. The bride and her mom kept pointing at the book and arguing that we should have those specific flowers in stock. My boss eventually took the book off the desk and tossed it behind the counter.

    The bride vacillated between tears and petulant whining that we were going to ruin her big day. My boss, who had a bone deep loathing for brides in general, told her she had ruined her own day by not ordering her flowers before her actual wedding day. The mom tried chewing out my boss for her lack of customer service skills. My boss told her that she was welcome to go down the street to Vons and ask their flower department to make thier order with whatever they had in stock. The mom said she'd do just that, and reassured the bride that she'd have her flowers done by the time her appointment was over. Both women stormed out.

    I figured that was that, but my boss told me and the other girl to start on six simple dendrobium orchid bouts. Meanwhile she threw together a ribbon wrapped bridal bouquet with some white roses that were nearly past thier prime and some more dendros. Sure enough, twenty minutes later the MoB slunk back in and meekly asked if we were still able to assemble what they needed. We did. We also charged her a very large bitch tax- ahem, rush fee.

    3.) From tishamingotrish:

    I am a florist and serviced a bridezilla and groom without a hitch on my end. On their end? They Had to go out of state to get married because they had protective orders against each other!

    4.) From Jadenlost:

    I work at David's Bridal. Most of the times...it's not the bride. It's a mother of the bride or maid of honor.

    I work in alterations. Most of the time, it takes more than one appointment to get things perfect. Bride comes in for her 2nd appointment for us to do any adjustments. She needed a couple of things adjusted.

    Her mother told me I ruined her daughter's marriage.

    Not wedding...but marriage.

    All I could think was if needing to adjust something on your dress and having to come back for one more appointment make you think someone ruined your perfect life with someone...well...good luck to her groom.

    5.) From atomic_tango:

    My mom and I saw a great bridezilla freak out while shopping for my wedding dress a few years back. We were in a small, local shop when another mother-daughter duo came in. The attendant who had been helping us went up to greet them. The mother said they were here to pick up her daughter's dress, so the attendant looks her name up in the computer, frowns, and says, "Ma'am, you never bought the dress."

    "What are you talking about?"

    The attendant shows the lady the notes on her computer screen. "You said you wanted to think about it, and asked if we could hold the dress. We held it for two weeks, but when we didn't hear back from you, we assumed you didn't want it."

    "Well, we want it now."

    "It's been over eight months", the attendant explained, "We sold the dress a long time ago. But I can order you another one, and have it expedited here in a few weeks."

    And like a Mt. St. Helens of entitlement, the eruption began. "This is unacceptable!" The mother shrieked. "We have her alterations scheduled in two hours! The wedding is a week away! I can't believe you sold her dress!" The bride, meanwhile, is slumped against the desk and sobbing like someone killed her dog.

    My mom and I are just open-mouthed staring at this point. The attendant was trying to be diplomatic, but is clearly as baffled as we are. "Ma'am, we had no way to know you wanted it. You never called. You never put down a deposit. The dress isn't yours until you pay for it."

    After some more screaming from the mother and wailing from the bride, they left. The shop attendant came back over to us and I asked her, "Does that kind of thing happen a lot?"

    The poor lady just deflated. "All the time."

    It baffles me to this day. How do you schedule alterations on a dress that you never purchased? Why would you wait until a week before the wedding to pick up your dress? How do you make it to adulthood without knowing how basic buying and selling transactions work?

    TL;DR - Turns out dress shops can't read your mind, and you need to actually pay money for a wedding dress before it is yours. Go figure.

    6.) From Adnarim-Rekanoh:

    I worked at David’s Bridal and I have to say that I never really had a terrible bride. It was always the moms, grandmas, sisters and friends that were terrible. Either they hated what the bride would pick out for them to wear or they would hate what she was picking out for herself to wear. At DB we have kinda strict appointment guidelines when it comes to time and a lot of brides that would bring entourages wouldn’t find a dress because everyone would bombard her with their opinions and overwhelm them.

    The worst thing I’ve ever witnessed was when a bride that always struggled with her weight came in. She was overweight and had been working extremely hard on it over the last year. It was a slower day and we all loved her story and wanted to make that day special so we all decided to help. She finally found a dress that she loved and she started crying along with most of us. Then she looked at her mom and asked for her opinion and her mom looked at her and said “you look fat in it”. We all stood there in silence and the bride lost her happiness. She asked to be assisted in taking it off and they left.

    It was one of the saddest days that I had experienced there.

    7.) From Doves_inthe_wind:

    I worked at a mom/pop shop. We had a bride who was polish, who my boss called 'polish princess', she wasn't my bride but they picked a very bad consultant for her. Made worse by the fact that this girl wanted stuff added to her dress that wasnt done by the manufacture so we had to do it all in house. To give you an example, she wanted lights, those tube lights? I think that's what they are called, all around the bottom half of a dress that we had already spliced with two different dresses.

    Side note: my boss loved anything that meant money.

    Anywho, we spent months fixing and refitting this dress because she not only lost 45lbs from her first time being measured, which brought her 4 dress sizes less than her original, she also got a massive boob job, bruskia. Well, after finally fitting her into her gown, on the last week she decided the lights that took our poor 70 year old seamstress two months to sew in, looked tacky. She was crying and throwing herself at her mother in a tantrum, screaming in polish all this crazy shit. She ripped the bottom of the dress and ultimately had to buy a dress from David's bridal because my boss finally got smart and kicked her out. Just a mess. She made our seamstress cry!!!!! The bitch.

    8.) From jackerick84:

    I worked at a high end bridal shop in my early 20s. One day, I had a bride-to-be shopping for a gown and she had brought her Mom, Aunt, and sister (who had just become a new mom) with her to her appointment. The sister was obviously a little jealous that attention was no longer being lavished on her and her new baby, and instead the bride was the now the center of attention. As I was fitting the bride in a $2500 Lazaro Bridal Gown, the sister decided to change her newborn’s diaper in the dressing room & proceeded to hold the shit filled diaper up to the gold- hued gown and exclaim “look the colors almost match!” I excused myself from the room for fresh air and to regain composure. In my experience- the brides were rarely the problem- the family was!

    9.) From MissyMack:

    I worked management at a resort in a popular tourist town. When weddings are booked at our venue with the event coordinator we can hold certain number of rooms for guests attending. A manager was always required to check in the bridal couple and I had been given a heads up by the coordinator on Bridezilla.

    They wanted a room on the highest floor and closer to the beach, they were booked into the Honeymoon Suite. 3rd floor, ocean views. Nope, she wanted higher and closer. Had an absolute meltdown at the front desk when I explained there was nothing higher... Or closer.

    A colleague of mine ran for the event coordinator when she started screaming at me and her husband to be. He was very apologetic and trying to calm her down. She was placated and sent off with keys, less than 30 minutes later she was back and demanding we empty the rooms next to and below her. Honey those rooms cost $640 a night and we are fully booked!

    I was lucky enough to not be working the night of the wedding but I heard all about her abusing the wait staff, kicking the band out for playing a song she didnt like and the screaming match she got into with her mother in law. What a peach!

    All up the wedding was about $40,000 and she made everyone miserable. The groom left out front desk staff and box of wine to apologise for her behaviour.

    Not the only Bridezilla, but definitely the craziest I had

    10.) From _marjaz_:

    I used to be a "Bridal Consultant" at a retail store which basically means I helped couples scan things onto their registry, although the training for it just meant I knew how to use the scanner and the computer and my actual job had nothing to do with bridal shopping. This one couple came in to start a new registry, which quickly turned into only things the bride wanted. Anything the groom wanted to put down on the registry was deemed as "childish, stupid, ugly, unpractical, never-going-to-be-used". I was cringing during the entire appointment, she kept asking for my input/opinion on everything and I felt so bad for this guy. His bride-to-be seemed so selfish and entitled, couldn't believe the fact that he was soon to be married to this woman. The poor man just wanted a waffle maker, who doesn't want waffles?!

    11.) From sig863:

    I work at a hotel that does a huge amount of wedding business, and we had an engagement shower with the plan being that the couple would be having the wedding with us as well. This involved the bride-to-be and to an extent, her mother.

    Anyways, we knew there were going to be issues because neither the bride or groom ever smiled. She was always complaining about how he was "wishy-washy" with picking a date and he was always silent. The MOB was your stereotypical Brooklyn Jewish Mother and had her hand in EVERYTHING to make sure things were perfect for her little princess. (My experience has shown that the MOB/MOG are exponentially worse than the actual people getting married.)

    Well, the engagement party starts, and everyone, except for the couple, seem to be having a great time. Then, halfway through the party, we suddenly heard the girl scream at her fiancee "WE WILL NEVER HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE IN MY HOUSE, SO YOU CAN GET OVER IT!!!!"

    And from there it devolved into a shouting match between the couple, who moved from the banquet room to the lobby so their "guests" couldn't hear the argument. (Didn't work. They heard everything.)

    Apparently she was Jewish and he was Protestant and not once in their relationship had they discussed religion. They went at it on and off for two hours. She was screaming at the top of her lungs about how their (non-existent) children would be raised Jewish, and how his traditions didn't matter. Her mother standing at her side and nodding in agreement and interjecting occasionally with a "that's right" or "you tell him".

    He was pleading (in a good attempt to be quiet, but was obviously frustrated) for her to at least compromise to let him at least invite his pastor from his home town for the wedding, and that their (non-existent) children could possibly do things with his parents for Christmas, even if they didn't celebrate.

    The guests just kept partying, pretending nothing was happening, but you could see on all of their faces that they wanted to leave, but couldn't since they would have to pass by the couple to get to the only exit.

    Only after two hours and the argument eventually devolving in to her INSISTING her children would never see a Christmas tree in their whole lives so they wouldn't be confused (good luck with that one in this country, lady) the groom finally, dejectedly said "Well then maybe this isn't going to work."

    She threw her ring at him and said, (I swear to god) "THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET ME MAKE YOU PROPOSE?!?!?!?!?!?!" She then changed her mind, picked up the ring and said "Whatever. I'm keeping this." and stormed off. Her mother looked at her ex-potential-son-in-law, told him he was an idiot for letting her baby go, and went after her.

    I've NEVER seen a banquet room clear of people so fast. Within fifteen minutes, everyone was gone, and it was a ghost town, and from the looks of it, everyone took their "Gifts" with them.

    Worse still, it was the former-bride's family who had hosted and were staying at the hotel, so we spend the next two days "commiserating" with them about how awful the groom was as they moved their daughter out of his apartment.

    Dude dodged a bullet.

    12.) From disgruntledrep:

    Restaurant manager story.

    The wedding dinner was on a Sunday so instead of the usual 1 manager on, we had the banquet coordinator come on for a few hours to make sure everyone was happy. They were a rich couple and we wanted more of their bussiness. Their menu was $119 a person and they had $80 bottles of red on the table.

    So guests start to arrive and order obviously start ordering drinks. At this point bride and mother see this and approach the head server. They tell her that everyone except the head table are to get separate bills. That they are not planning on paying for anything but what's at the head table. Server finds us, tells us what's happening and banquet manager heads over to figure out what's going on. Seems that the bride and mother decided that their guests should have to pay, and they didn't want to be the bad guys so they expected us to have to tell the guests. They also decided that since they are their guests at their wedding, they will drink and eat what they are eating.

    We tell the people that have already arrived, half of them laugh thinking it's a joke, once we told them the truth, they laughed and left. My job became to stay at the front and tell all the people arriving for the dinner that they are going to be responsible for their whole bill, and what the costs were.

    Final guest count was 20 people. Most left once I told them what the costs were. We ended up threatening legal action against them since they signed the banquet sheet stating that they agreed on 60 dinners. Best part was they paid the full 60 dinners, plus gratuity, and only had 20 people there because they wanted to save some money.

    Other end of the spectrum was a Muslim wedding. We had to even cover the wine in glass storage in their wedding dinner room. The parents who were paying the bill felt since it's there money, it's their type of wedding. Except the bride and groom showed up the day before, left a credit card and told us to have an open bar ready for any of their guests. Alot of people went upstairs to the bathroom that day which oddly enough was right beside the bar

    13.) From rubywolf27:

    I used to work at a jewelry store.

    This young guy (college age) came in one day to look at engagement rings. Very polite. Asking good questions. You could tell he’d been considering this for some time.

    As I’m helping him and showing him some rings in his budget, She walks in. She’s wearing a t-shirt from the high school senior class from the previous year, and she comes over by him.

    “Oh my god were you seriously considering that ring??? Ugh. It’s so ugly. Besides, it looks just like my LAST engagement ring.”

    How I wish I could have told him to dump her, run for the hills and don’t look back.

    14.) From notasugarbabybutok:

    Baker here. I wasn't present for the freak out, but it was my fault so...

    A few months back, I had a bride who wanted a Navy to white ombre cake (something like this ) made with white sponge. Now, dark, rich colors like that in white cake fucking suck. they always taste terrible because they have so much gel coloring in them to get them right. However, you can do it, if they're willing to have the dark layers be chocolate. Navy is especially easy, thanks to blue velvet. I tell her this when we're planning. "But I want white cake!" I tell her I'll do all but the last few in white sponge. She agrees, and I make the damn thing and drop it off.

    I come back to pick up the staging stuff the next day, only to find my whole fucking cake sitting there.

    Apparently when they cut into the thing and fed it to each other, she freaked out over it being chocolate, and refused to let any of the cake be served. Apparently she forgot that she had agreed to have the bottom tier have two layers of blue velvet, so she threw a massive fucking temper tantrum over 'the cake being wrong' and how I ruined her wedding, then locked herself in the bridal suite. if she wouldn't have been a little psychopath and let the staff cut the cake like they should have, she would've seen that 90% of the cake was white sponge like she wanted.

    15.) From orbital_cheese:

    Wedding band member here.

    Had a bride flip her shit at me and my band mates because our instruments weren't white or salmon coloured to fit in with the decorations and she was saying we would ruin the photographs. Even though I was playing during the reception and all the photos were already taken.

    A sunburst jazz bass, blue Stratocaster and a red drum set aren't going to ruin your pictures darling.

    16.) From QueenoftheBunnies:

    Wedding coordinator here! I've found the mom's are usually worse than the brides. I worked a wedding this past summer with a ridiculous momzilla. During the rehearsal, she handed me the box of decorations and said "don't you dare make this look tacky". On the day of the wedding, she arrived and came up to ask me where the wedding programs were. I told her there weren't any programs in any of the boxes and she proceeded to bitch me out for losing them and then decided that I stole them. She also asked that we build a water station for the guests, but instructed that she didn't want the guests to have access to it until after the ceremony. It was 90 degrees that day and the ceremony was outside so that did not go over well. And when the guests complained that they were thirsty and we weren't letting them go to the water station, she told them how horrible we were and made a big deal out of opening the water station early, like she was the hero. Thank god they only booked the venue for the ceremony so she was only my problem for about an hour.

    The next day my boss handed me an email the momzilla sent her. She wrote about how I lost the programs but then in the same sentence said she found the programs in her hotel room later that night and made a comment about how I should've gone to her hotel and gotten them. She also complained about how I wouldn't give her guests water and how the photographer was the worst person she's ever worked with. She actually wrote "don't bother remembering her name, she'll never work in his town again" about the photographer. Her letter ended with her complimenting the venue space and saying something along the lines of "I think I would be a great addition to your team of event coordinators! Let me know when I can start!"

    Bitch was blatantly trying to take my job. The worst part is that my boss actually hired her. Needless to say, I quit working at that venue.

    This isn't the worst story I have, but it's one of the most memorable.

    17.) From Foxlust:

    I once worked in a bakery and we had this bride freakout that her cake wasn't right and proceeded to smash it to bits with her fist. She smashed the wrong cake. Like wtf. Anyways the cops allowed her to wash her hands before placing her in handcuffs. I felt bad for the future husband and the couple that ordered said cake. people are cray cray.

    18.) From Spydrchick:

    Retired Master Seamstress checking in. Not Bridezilla but Momzilla. I was making her daughter a custom bias cut gown and had limited fitting time because the bride lived one state over. Now bias cut gowns are the debil to begin with. We (mom and I) would work on details between fittings. I would say our working relationship got very frosty. Each time the bride came for a fitting she lost weight. Tape measures don't lie. And she was not a big girl to begin with. Mom would scream that her daughter did not loose any weight. After the third fitting, third fight and the third rebuild of a very complicated gown, I finished it and told them to take the gown and do what they wanted with it. It was gorgeous but hung loose. The girl lost over 3" over the course of 7-8 weeks. I lost hours of my life, and the $$ for the work. The deposit took care of the materials ($140 per yard silk, venice lace), so there is that.

    19.) From kimmycat88:

    Bridal consultant here! My most memorable appointment was a party that showed up completely shits-to-the-wind HAMMERED. It wasn't unusual for bridal parties to have a little "tailgate" style party in our parking lot before coming into our store. Often they'd have mimosa's or a shot or two to loosen up before the scary gown search. This party must have finished a full bottle of whiskey between the five of them. They didn't appear too sloppy when we first got started but about half an hour into the appointment it was pretty obvious that they were way to drunk to be in the setting they we're in. I had to prop the bride up with her nose in the corner of her fitting room to lace her corsets because she couldn't stand, and each time we stepped out onto the stage the bridesmaids would scream, Beatlemania style, until they were red in the face. Eventually my manager came to me and said, very sternly, "Sell this girl and get. them. out of here." The appointment ended when she fell for a gown $700 over budget, her drunkest bridesmaid swiped her own credit card to cover it, and then one of them (not sure which) sprayed a brown bodily fluid of some kind over our ENTIRE toliet.

    20.) From [deleted]:

    I work at a hotel, but once had a bridezilla throw a cell phone at me and hit me in the face. Hurt pretty bad, one of those big galaxy phones.

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    I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

    -Arthur Rubinstein

    If you love memes, memes will love you back. These will crack you up and get your whole day started off on the right foot.






























    0 0

    A Trump supporter's detailed fan art became an internet meme less than 24 hours after he posted it.

    When painter Jon McNaughton posted his painting "The Masterpiece" on Twitter, it didn't take long for people to start making their own edits.

    To be fair, it would be naive of him to not expect the meme treatment after revealing an oil painting of Trump painting. It's almost like Trump is the Bob Ross of...jingoism?!

    When it comes to this particular specimen of fan art, the devil truly lives in the details.

    There are a lot of theories about what Trump is about to reveal in the meta painting, most of them are not flattering to Trump or the state of U.S. politics.

    The meme versions of the Trump painting include a lot of Putin, and very few happy trees.

    But also, former president Obama made an appearance, an addition sure to rattle Trump's insecurities.

    There are endless iterations of hell revealed in this meme, sadly, none of which are inaccurate.

    Many of the memes are less about humor, and more about pointing out Trump's vile policies.

    One helpful Twitter user even posted a blank white canvas template to make it easier for others to post their versions of the painting.

    So, if you want to add to the thread, it's not too late for your take on this nightmare image.

    0 0

    Almost three years into this whole President Trump catastrophe, you'd think we'd have lost our ability to be surprised, but then the guy goes ahead and calls himself the Messiah.

    On Tuesday, Trump made a blatantly anti-semitic remark in the Oval Office, accusing Jews who support Muslim Congresswomen and the Democratic Party of being "disloyal." Accusing Jews of disloyalty is part of a proud anti-semitic tradition that goes all the way back to the Persian Empire.

    The 80% of Jews who vote Democratic—and all Jews who hate to see the President of the United States evoke anti-Semitic tropes—condemned the comment, and to try to redeem himself, Trump cited a conspiracy theorist and declared himself King of the Jews in his morning tweet storm.

    Trump quoted Wayne Allyn Root, a conspiracy theorist who not only spells "Allen" wrong but insists that Charlottesville was a hoax, insisting that Israeli Jews see him as "the second coming of God."

    Jews don't see him as a second coming...they don't even believe in a "first coming"!

    Narcissistic delusion aside, this shows profound ignorance of

    Rabbis, who unlike Trump and the conspiracy guy are actual authorities on all things Jewish, have condemned the tweets as utterly insane. The profound ignorance of what Jews believe, combined with the fact that he is using Jews as a prop through which to appeal to his evangelical base, has upset rabbinical authorities.

    It's quite disturbing.

    Incidentally, while he's lamenting how being the second coming of Christ fails to win over Jewish voters, his administration is moving to concentrate kids in camps indefinitely.

    If you want the majority of Jews to like you, it would be a good idea not to put people you find inferior and un-American in concentration camps.

    Something Trump can do to make 80% of Jews applaud him is resign.

    0 0

    Every LGBTQIA person has a different coming out experience, and it's impossible to fully comprehend what it feels like unless you've been through it yourself. Even the most supportive straight people don't know what it feels like to live in a world that considers your sexual preference outside of the default, homophobic messaging is everywhere, and it can seriously affect self-perception.

    That being said, it's conceptually easy to wonder why gay people leaving straight relationships don't "come out" earlier, or in more ideal settings, but each situation is complex. Some people may be bi or pan, and didn't realize the extent of their same sex attractions, while others take longer to embrace and accept their sexuality in general.

    In a recent post on the subreddit Am I The *sshole a man revealed that he doesn't want to attend his gay brother's wedding because he was previously married to a woman.

    "AITA for refusing to go to my brother’s wedding to another man because he was married to a woman previously and had a son with her?"

    "Okay so stay with me. I’m 25 now and my older brother Chris got married when he was 27 to Taylor. Him and Taylor had a son the following year. They seemed to have a really good marriage but around when their son was 3, something happened. They spent a lot less time together and they eventually got a divorce."

    OP shared that his brother was married to a woman for four years and had a son with her, before getting a divorce and coming out as gay.

    "Well it came out that my brother confessed to Taylor that he was gay and had been “having feelings for another man." They divorced after this and my brother started a new relationship with this man. This was three years ago and now Chris is marrying this same guy."

    This all happened three years ago, and now OP's brother is marrying the same man he expressed feelings for right after his divorce.

    "The thing is, I’ve been witness to the devastation that this caused to his ex wife and son. He still is around for his son, but starting a life with a woman when he never was interested in women is something I’ll never understand."

    While OP's brother is still around for his son, OP can't get over the fact that his brother married a woman when he was gay.

    "It’s not as if any of us would judge him for being gay. I’ve tried to help out with my nephew when I can so I’ve seen the confusion it’s caused him and the hurt it caused his ex, one of the kindest people I know. Now that he’s getting married again, the invitations have gone out and I’m invited."

    OP went on to share that he feels weird celebrating his brother's marriage to a man after he caused heartache to his ex-wife.

    "I really don’t feel like celebrating the harm that he caused his family by going to his wedding. I called him when I got the invitation and explained this to him and he started crying and saying that I wasn’t being fair and that he wants me to be there. I just explained that I couldn’t be there after everything that happened and I hung up."

    His brother felt really hurt when OP told him he doesn't want to attend or support the wedding.

    OP's sister thinks he's being a jerk and should apologize and attend the wedding.

    "My sister called me and said that I was being an unfair dick and that I need to apologize to Chris and plan to be at the wedding. I told her what I told him. AITA for refusing to go? I think I’m being reasonable but my judgement is also clouded. Be honest."

    lala0073 thinks OP is being completely unreasonable, and pointed out hypocrisy.

    "YTA He could be bi or he could have been confused. A lot of gay people marry someone of the opposite sex because A. It's the social norm and B. Because it happens. Would you be acting this way if he was marrying another woman?"

    Sirenemon thinks OP is wrong, and pointed out just how hard it can be to come out.

    "YTA You may say that you don't judge him for being gay, but we're under intense pressure to be straight. Plenty of people think that you can "fix" being gay by being in a straight relationship. When you come out of the closet, the first person you have to do that with is yourself. It might have taken awhile for your brother to piece together his feelings and realize he's not genuinely attracted to his wife."

    "He also might be bisexual and him coming out to his wife caused t his rift in the first place. If he weren't gay and he broke up with his wife for a reason you don't know about, would you refuse to go to his wedding to a new woman?"

    wigglebuttbiscuits asked OP if he would react the same if his brother was getting married to another woman, and pointed out that divorce happens regardless of sexual preference.

    "YTA. Listen to your sister. And get over yourself. I mean, outside of all the rest of it: divorce happens. People figure out that they're not right for each other. Yes, it hurts, but it doesn't make the person who initiated the breakup a bad person or mean people shouldn't support them when they get married again. It doesn't even sound like he cheated or anything. If you wouldn't boycott his second wedding if it was to a woman, you're a massive hypocrite."

    "A LOT of people don't just 'always know' that they're gay. Sexuality is a lot more subtle and fluid than that. He may have genuinely not realized till he was married; he may have shoved it down deep into his subconscious for very personal reasons-- and just because your family is theoretically accepting doesn't make it easy to come out or live publicly as a gay person in this world. Stop being a judgmental jerk and go to your brother's wedding."

    MildlyAnnoyedMother pointed out that OP's brother didn't cheat and actually went about the divorce the most respectful way possible.

    "YTA unless he's explicitly stated that he never loved her and just used her. A lot of people don't start out knowing they are gay. He did it the right way, he got divorced and then got into a relationship. He didn't cheat or deliberately hurt his family, he just told the truth."

    raptorsinthekitchen thinks OP is obsessing over the pain of his brother's ex-wife, versus the pain his brother has experienced.

    "YTA- sounds like he was struggling with his sexual identity, and he figured out he's not actually attracted to women. You're angry at him for that because of the "harm" he caused his family... What about the harm of living a lie? Or having his family judge him and boycott his wedding? Having people he loves choose not to be there."

    "You're being incredibly short sighted and trying to punish someone for being true to themselves. Stop making this about you."

    luxilary laid out why OP's brother actually did the best thing for himself and his family.

    "YTA. By not going to his wedding because you disagree with his new marriage, you’re telling him he is wrong for how he feels. It seems like you’re putting yourself in everyone else’s shoes except for his, so maybe my point will be hard for you to comprehend. Even if you’re okay with the fact that he’s gay, you not going to the wedding will make him feel as though you aren’t. I can’t describe how much this invalidation of his feelings from someone he deeply cares about must hurt him."

    "I know you are trying to advocate for his son who might be upset by the divorce , but honestly, how can you be mad at your brother for following his feelings? You expected him to stay in a marriage that he didn’t want to be in, for the sake of his kid??? Okay...trust me...your brother would only be able to fake being happy for so long, and the marriage would crumble. His son would most likely suffer from that turbulence more than the divorce."

    "You’re failing to see that your brother actually is doing the best thing for his son. Your brother is trying to do what will make himself happy, and if he’s happy, he’ll be most likely to provide the best life for his son."

    "You keep saying your judgement is clouded, but to me it just sounds like you’re being judgmental. Take your judgments out of the equation and just imagine how your brother is feeling right now. The answer will be clear if you imagined him abandoning you on one of the most important days of your life."

    "I hope he’s happy in his new marriage. If you really can’t find some empathy for him, you don’t deserve to be a part of his happiness anyway, and their marriage will be better off without your negativity."

    Hopefully, it's not too late for OP to rescind his decision to skip the wedding - because it'll be a hugely important moment in his brother's life.

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    Today in workplace sexism: a 21-year-old woman who works in PR found herself in a hairy situation (if you hate puns, please report me to HR) when her boss confronted her about not shaving her legs at work. When she refused, she was sent to HR.

    So the woman posted on Reddit to find out if she's wrong for refusing to drag a razor (that cost twice as much as a men's razor) over her legs in order to appease her weird co-workers who can't stop staring at her stems.

    "AITA* for not shaving my legs for work?" she asked.

    *Am I The A**hole

    She explains that she's "not a hairy person at all" and that her leg hair is "barely" visible.

    She writes:

    So I’m a 21 year old female. I feel like I should say these thing about myself because these are usually what people ask or say when they find out I rarely shave my legs. I’m straight, I’m very feminine, and I just don’t like to waste my time or money on shaving my legs. Also I’m not a hairy person at all! You can barley see my leg hair, arm hair or even my god damn eyebrows. The only time I shave is when I’m dating a new guy in my life and I’ve been with my current BF for 3 years now. Also he doesn’t give a rats ass if I shave my legs.

    She works for a promotion company and was recently called into her boss' office, where he awkwardly confronted her about "hygiene." He claimed that not shaving her legs was "against company policy" and that "a few people complained."

    So I work for a promotion company where I travel and work at event and festivals. But today I had to go into the office to grab some materials and my boss was there in his office so I stoped to say hi before I left out.

    When I ducked in he awkwardly asked me if we could talk about something. I said sure and came in and he shut the door. He was so red and stuttering but finally he told me we needed to speak about hygiene. I was in literal shock. I was so embarrassed and asked him what he meant. My boss then proceeded to tell me that a few people complained I didn’t shave my legs and they said it went against company policy that I wasn’t being hygienic. I was even more shocked.

    The woman pushed back, saying she "didn't understand" the problem, asking her boss if he shaved his legs (LOL), and refusing to discuss it further unless HR was there.

    I told him I didn’t understand what that had to do with me shaving my legs and he was just absolutely quiet. I asked him if he shaved his legs and he still said nothing. I then stood up and said if we were gonna keep talking about this I’d prefer HR to be there and he just told me that we didn’t need to discuss it any further.

    Then she got an email from HR asking to "talk further" about the matter, which made her "freak out."

    Because a job is a job, even if your co-workers are creeps. So she asked Reddit if she's "the a**hole" for refusing to shave even after her boss asked.

    Later today I just got an email from HR saying that they would like to set up a meeting for next week to talk further about the discussion that happened today. I’m freaking out and it’s making me so anxious. AITA for not shaving my legs for my job?

    Commenters came to her defense and attacked her boss for crossing a line in calling her out for such a personal and irrelevant matter.

    Many are pointing out the sexist double-standard, since a male employee would not be called out for this.

    Cosmic_Hitchhiker writes:

    NTA This is some sexist bullshit. Wow. Absolutely incredibly ridiculous. Would they ask a male employee to shave his legs? How is it unhygienic for you but not for any man who has leg hair? I'm honestly aghast.

    ThroWingitallAwaY173: writes:

    It’s such an insult to pretend this has anything to do with ‘hygiene’

    And RedditSkippy writes:

    NTA. I hope HR wants to talk with you to let you know that your boss’s comments were sexist and wrong. There’s no need to freak out because you’ve done NOTHING wrong.

    The only thing I would do to prepare for your meeting with HR is to write an account of the meeting with your boss in your own words. If HR starts to agree with your boss, you could rhetorically ask if they’re planning on making the men shave as well.

    It would also do you good to have the name of a good employment law attorney in your area.

    Surprisingly, she came to her boss' defense, saying he's usually a "very chill and nice guy" and that she had "worked there 8 months with no incident."

    EDIT: So people giving my boss hate i understand but I’m not mad at him and don’t blame him. Im not sure but I feel like someone was in fact pressuring him to talk to me about this because he is a usually very chill and a nice guy who usually doesn’t even force dress code and stuff. But also I really have no clue what really brought this on all of a sudden since I’ve worked there 8 months with no incident.

    Commenters are also urging her not to freak out since she's probably not at risk of losing her job. Most think the HR meeting is just the company doing cleanup to protect themselves and prevent her from taking legal action.

    mortimer5 writes:

    NTA. And don't freak out: HR probably wants to cover their ass. Your boss probably told them what happened and they want to make sure you don't sue.

    And bassbby12 writes:

    Yeah he messed up big time by approaching her alone in a room. This could be portrayed as harassment and discrimination, at one point my job required a female witness for all interactions like this. OP, good call asking if he shaved his legs.

    ChunkyDay adds:

    It's more likely he went to HR to nip it in the bud rather than somebody complaining to HR.

    He's probably freaking out as much as you are b/c he knows. he knows what he said was out of line and a mistake. I think it's safe to say that if you mentioned HR at all he assumes you're going to talk to them. And they know if they try to fire you for not shaving your legs, especially these days, that's ripe for a lawsuit and lawyers would LOVE to try that case.

    I work in an at will state, so whenever I've had one of "those" meetings w/ my boss and HR, I pull out my phone, place it on the table, hit record and state you're recording this meeting so you have a record of what was said. It's too easy for the company to say "well we didn't say that" if they're firing you for one thing or another.

    And ParasiticDaemon writes:

    NTA. See this one to the end. Dont be nervous about the meeting with HR, just be honest about what happened. This is a pretty righteous hill to die on IMO.

    If we've learned anything from this story, it's this: smash the patriarchy! Throw out your razors! If you're blonde, dye your leg hair brown to draw attention to it!

    IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION/I actually just really hate shaving and have been waiting for the right excuse to stop.

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    The first season of HBO's Euphoria may be over, but that doesn't mean there aren't stories of a closeted man having a queer one night stand from an app and then later encountering their hookup in front of their wife and kids!


    While the tale of Cal Jacobs is a fictional one, a dude on Reddit claims to have a real story about a run-in with a hookup.

    On the Today I F**ked Up forum, Redditor femboyfatale123 told the story of a tryst in an airport hotel that caught up with him at the airport:

    This morning I was super horny and really wanted hook up with a local guy to give him [a BJ]. So I got to talking with a guy and even though he was a lot older (like late 30s-mid 40s), he had a great bod and a great d*ck. So I said what the hell and invited him to my hotel room. After 45 min to an hour of fun, I thought I’d never see this dude again because I’m flying home this afternoon (right now).

    Well, reader, he did see the dude again. And the dude's family:

    Wrong. I went to the gate when they started boarding. Guess who was pre-boarding with his wife and children? You guessed it. To make matters worse, they are just a couple rows from me and I can hear all their conversations. I’m in the plane right now and he keeps texting. I am saving screen shots in case I need them in the future. I’m sitting here wondering how he was able to get away from his family that long...he was staying at the same hotel, which now just dawned on me because he made it to my room super fast.

    This is so uncomfortable.

    FemBoyFatale, claiming to write from the plane, added a helpful summary with some details:

    TL;DR: Hooked up with a guy at my airport hotel this am. Turns out he’s married, and he and his family are on my flight home.

    Edit: I gave him my phone number for trading texts and pics early this AM. He texted me just now telling me he found me on IG and FB so he must have searched with my phone number somehow. Now I definitely need leverage with the screen shots to tell him to stop contacting me.

    Edit 2: A) I’m male. B) The wife does not know. He texted me in the plane asking me to keep quiet. And then also wanted to stay in touch and text me later because he now knows we live in the same city (and yes you bet I saved the screen shot - saved it on the phone, on the cloud, on emails to myself) C) I knew what his d*ck looked like because of d*ck [pics] and bathroom mirror selfies

    Commenters are being nice, for once, assuring the original poster that he didn't do anything wrong. It's the blowjob-ee who F'ed up by cheating on his wife. It's not the fault of the blowjober.

    There's nothing wrong with having a hookup. There is, however, something wrong with lying to your wife.

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    A night of raucous drinking is fun during the fact, but far less pleasant the morning after. Luckily, once the hangover is gone the story often makes it all worth it, or at least lessens the pain.

    Whether you're routinely the designated driver (bless you, if so), or you're the friend who gathers everyone on the dance floor to do shots, you already know that super drunk people are peak ridiculous.

    Aside from water, a good night's sleep, and healthy filling food, drinking memes are one of the best hangover cures. Better yet, if you don't drink, the humiliating and predictable shenanigans of drunk people can serve as the best motivation to stay sober.

    Here are 25 drinking tweets in honor of your drunk days, your sober days, and the times you wish the drunk man on the train would chug a water and shut up.

























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    In the era of texting, DM's and Instagram stories, it can be more confusing than ever to know if someone likes you. For example, what does it mean if they immediately watch all your Instagram stories but take days to respond to texts?! (No seriously, I'm asking) There are so many signals to interpret on so many different communication platforms that dating can feel like a mystery you have to solve.

    So it's refreshing when someone tries to make their crush's life easier by dropping clues so obvious that the person would have to be completely oblivious not to pick up on them. However, this doesn't always work because there are a lot of clueless people out there—they're called "men." Haha jk, of course #notallmen are oblivious to a woman's subtle (or not-subtle) hints that she's in to them. But a lot of them are. And honestly, it can be pretty endearing.

    A girl named Kuda shared a prime example of a clueless guy, her neighbor, who was completely unaware that she likes him, even when she kept dropping the most obvious possible hints.

    She shared their texts on Imgur where they went viral, because her struggle and his struggle—both very different struggles—are entirely too real and relatable to a lot of people.

    First, she reached out to him out-of-the-blue after getting his number from a mutual friend. CLUE #1.

    Then she said she needed "help" with her "bed" followed by THREE ELLIPSIS. CLUES #2 and 3.

    It's 2019, we should ALL know that an ellipsis means you're DTF. Especially if it follows the word bed.............. HELLO, EARTH TO THIS GUY?!

    Unfortunately, he completely missed the first three clues.

    Then she proceeded to describe her bed as "soft on one side" and "firm" on the other, adding "I want it firm." CLUE #4.

    Honestly, I'm blushing. This is NSFW. This woman is a hero. Yet her crush somehow remained completely unaware of her increasingly obvious advances, and suggested she reach out to some guy named Randy.

    RANDY?!!?!??!!??! DUDE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? He was seriously blowing this but she continued to give him a chance, being not only heroic but patient and clearly pretty in to this guy.

    So she dropped Clue #5 that she would prefer this dude over Randy to help her with her "bed problem."

    Then when he inquired why, she said, "I'd just prefer it. You know?" CLUE #6.

    He'd have to be living on another planet not to get it at this point. But, apparently Earth is not this man's home.

    So she took things up a notch, if you can imagine, inviting him over at 11:30 pm, for drinks. DRINKS!!!!!!! CLUES #6 and 7 and the most obvious ones yet.

    You don't invite someone you don't know to your apartment at 11:30 pm for drinks unless you want to kiss or bang—unless you have a serious drinking problem.

    But did he get the message? STILL NO.

    So she put all of her cards on the table with the most obvious hint in the history of obvious hints: she tried to lure him over by saying he could use her shower. HER SHOWER. CLUE #8.

    Did he finally get the message? NOPE. Wow, dude. Wow???!?!?!?!??!?! At this point, even Kuda was starting to lose her cool-da (SORRY). She dropped an annoyed-face emoji and laid on the ellipsis, the text version of shaking someone by the shoulders and yelling "HELLO?????? ARE YOU THERE???" Alas, he was not there.

    So she was forced to do the last thing any person with a crush wants to do: she was forced to be straightforward and honest about her feelings.

    She straight-up confessed that she likes him.

    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

    So, what did we learn today? Lesson #1: if someone texts you out-of-the-blue, asks you specifically for "help" with their bed at 11:30 pm along with drinks and then tells you that you can use your shower, THEY LIKE YOU.

    Lesson #2: if you're dropping hints and someone's not picking up on them? Just be honest—if you're brave enough. It just might work.

    Brb I have a text to send.

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    "It's tough to stay married. My wife kisses the dog on the lips, yet she won't drink from my glass."

    -Rodney Dangerfield

    If you're married, you will totally relate to these hilarious memes. Let's face it, after spending years with the same person, you could definitely use a laugh.





























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    Deciding how many kids you're going to have can be a very loaded question for couples. If you don't agree, it can be very hard to compromise on something as central as the structure of your family.

    Obviously, in a healthy marriage, the father should be just as involved in the kids' lives as the mother. But intentions aside, when the woman is carrying the children in her body and providing the lion's share of child care, it's going to feel very emotionally different for each parent.

    In a recent post on the subreddit Am I The *sshole a woman asked if she's wrong for telling her husband that tying her tubes is her decision, not a choice for them to make as a couple.

    "AITA for telling my husband that whether or not I get my tubes tied is my decision, not our decision?"

    OP started the post by sharing that she is a stay at home mom currently pregnant with their fourth child.

    "My husband and I have 3 kids and our 4th is due next week. Our daughter is 5 and our two boys are 3 and 2. Our younger son just turned 2 last month. There are 23 months separating our daughter and first son and 16 months separating our first and second son. I say all of this to let you know that the kids are all close in age. Not only has it been hard on me physically but it's hard emotionally. I left my job to be a stay at home mom. I'm okay with that and my husband doesn't believe in daycare but it's draining to have no adult interaction all day."

    Because of where they live and the demands of his job, OP's husband is regularly gone 14 hours a day, and she feels drained by the lack of adult interaction.

    "Because my husband has to take the train to and from work he leaves around 5:00 and doesn't get back home until 7:00pm. He works from 6am until 6pm and that's not changing. We have discussed moving closer but it's way more expensive and we would lose the amount of space (both inside and outside) we currently have and would be moving to a less safe area. We agree that we like being able to let our kids play outside without constant supervision and can allow them to walk to school once they hit 3rd grade."

    Once she's done giving birth to their next baby, OP wants to get her tubes tied, but her husband feels it's too soon to make that kind of decision.

    "Anyway, I want to get my tubes tied. I told my husband and he said we can discuss it later. I agreed and when we were talking about it later he said that he thinks we should wait a few years. I pointed out all the reasons I want to tie my tubes and he said it would be best to table the discussion until the new baby's first birthday. I want to discuss the possibility of getting my tubes tied after the baby is born since I have a c-section scheduled due to complications with my last pregnancy."

    When they had a talk about it, OP said it's not a 100% sure decision, but she wants to seriously float the notion of tying her tubes after their next kid.

    He got upset at the proposition and the conversation quickly escalated into a fight, at which point she told him it's not his decision to make.

    "He said that's way too soon. I told him I wasn't making any permanent plans but I wanted to see my options and if it makes sense then I'll get my tubes tied after birth. He was upset because he can't go to the doctors appointment and said we need to make a decision together. I kind of got annoyed and said that it's not really his decision or our decision. It's my decision. He got upset and I felt bad. Should I apologize for hurting his feelings? Am I an asshole?"

    "Edit: Apparently things need to be more clear because people are making weird comments."

    1. We have discussed the amount of kids we want. I am done. My husband wants to keep the door open. When I try to discuss this with him he says we are still young and don't need to make a decision now.

    2. For some reason it isn't clear that I talked to him about getting my tubes tied. That's kind of how this argument started lol. Some people think I already scheduled the surgery and didn't discuss it with my husband...

    3. My husband works Monday through Friday one week and Monday through Saturday the next. He's rarely home.

    4. Daycare isn't an option. My husband thinks it's for lazy parents."

    5. I don't want to adopt. I don't want any more kids ever. I have made this clear to my husband and he's tables it."

    6. "While it doesn't have to be done after my 4th, I would prefer not having to go back for another surgery given that I don't have any help at home. My oldest starts kindergarten and my older son starts preschool soon but I will still have the toddler and baby all day and activities with the older ones."

    Because of the way the conversation went down, OP is now second guessing how she handled it, so she brought the situation to the internet.

    ApoliticalRat thinks OP was being reasonable, and that her husband sounds a bit controlling.

    "NTA, and I don't think you should apologize, either. Yours sounds like an oddly controlling relationship, although not necessarily an unhealthy one. You shouldn't give up your bodily autonomy. A cesarean section seems like a perfect opportunity to have the procedure done."

    "That being said, I think you should delve into why your husband feels that you shouldn't get it done. The only reason it makes sense to wait would be if he wants yet another child, and if so, then that may be something worth talking about. Otherwise, this just sounds like a very quiet and manipulative way of keeping you dependent on him and marooned at the house."

    carolinemathildes thinks that OP is completely within her rights to make this decision since the husband is rarely available to help with the kids.

    "NTA. What does your husband expect, that you’re going to have MORE children for you to take care of??? Good lord. No. There would be circumstances in which I would say, yes it is ultimately your decision but there is a conversation that should be had, but this isn’t one of them. You have four children. You take care of them. That’s it!"

    maybe_mayhem pointed out how messed up it is that OP's husband doesn't seem to care about her own mental health and exhaustion.

    "NTA. Your husband might be though. While he deserves to be a part of the discussion, as your husband, he also needs to be understanding of how having another child might change your day-to-day life. Having one more child may not impact his life in the same way that it will yours. You are the one that stays home with the children. You are the one that will have to adjust. His day-to-day will largely stay the same. It sounds like you two need to have a more in-depth conversation about having more children, as you clearly aren't on the same page."

    "But you need to be. And in my opinion, if you say you don't want anymore children, your husband should be supportive. You are the one busting your butt during the day to care for the kids, not him. One more child to care for will be much more work for you, than it will be for him. As your husband, he should understand that."

    "Your mental health and happiness should be more important to him than another child that you don't even have yet. Also...daycare is a legitimate childcare option, and is not something he can choose to not "believe in," especially when he isn't the primary caregiver."

    The internet unanimously agree that OP has the right to refuse giving birth to another kid, and a lot of people are questioning the health of the marriage given the hypocrisy of OP's husband. Hopefully, she gets her tubes tied and they are able to get counseling or he wakes up.

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    "We spend the first 12 months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next 12 months teaching them to sit down and shut up."

    -Phyllis Diller

    Taking care of your kids is a 24/7 job, but that doesn't mean you don't need a break once in a while. Treat yourself to some big laughs in what little free time you have.


























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    Behold, another new addition to the grand internet tradition of forgetting to check the background before sending or posting a photo.

    Student and singer Ella Martine was proud of the job she did decorating her new room, and in sending a picture to her mom, accidentally revealed more than she intended to. I won't say what she forgot was in the photo but it starts with hand and ends with cuffs.

    (Side note: imagine having 345 unread texts? Congrats on being extremely popular.)

    Let's zoom in.

    "What's up with that"? Is mom playing dumb, or is she the only mother who has read to read Fifty Shades of Grey?

    Needless to say, the post went viral.

    Ella quickly tried to recover with the classic "they're not mine!!!" excuse, telling her mom that the handcuffs were on the bed as part of the short film that was filmed over the summer.

    Mom called them "super tacky," and "very 'freshman year,' not junior," which as any of Ella's college classmates would say, is kink-shaming.

    Ella celebrated her Twitter fame with a post on Instagram tagged at the location "CuffedUp," so she can expect the sponsored content deals from handcuff vendors any day now.

    Looks like it's going to be a fun semester.

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    Online shopping seems too good to be true—and it is. Yes, you can buy whatever your heart desires and have it show up at your doorsteps with just a click or two (and a few more digits of credit card debt). But unfortunately, the internet is a web of lies, so oftentimes the things you thought you ordered isn't the thing that arrives on your doorstep.

    These 19 poor souls learned this lesson the hard way:

    1.) We are (not) the champion.

    Ordered a Champion sweatshirt on eBay. Received a Hanes sweatshirt with a Champion logo glued on

    Remote file

    2.) This mini-mini-mini-mini dress.

    Remote file

    3.) This shibe is not ok.

    Ordered one of these shibes I’d seen on ads everywhere and this is how he showed up! (Don’t worry, I freed him and he returned to normal as soon as I stopped laughing)

    Remote file

    4.) This is just cruel.

    Remote file

    5.) Patch letters matter.

    Remote file

    6.) One of these things is nothing like the other.

    My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day

    Remote file

    7.) Sometimes size does matter.

    Remote file

    8.) Did a child make this in art class?

    Expectation vs. Reality after a 6-month backorder from West Elm.

    Remote file

    9.) These boots were made for being disappointed.

    Remote file

    10.) Life sabbitch.

    Remote file

    11.) A dim bulb (made this) mug.

    Remote file

    12.) Brothel chic is the new Bo Ho chic.

    Thanks Amazon. I was going for ‘boho chic’, but you gave me ‘tacky brothel’.

    Remote file

    13.) "Can you make it more American?"

    Remote file

    14.) Something the cat hacked up but make it fashion.

    Remote file

    15.) The perfect gift for this stock model or his immediate family!

    16.) A horse is a horse of course except when it's not.

    Remote file

    17.) What's the issue?

    Slim fit longline tank top...

    Remote file

    18.) Great way to stop catcallers!

    Don't buy veneers online.

    19.) For when you need a nightgown but also to hide a fugitive.

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    Have you ever told a friend you're sick, only to have them respond that your particular illness "doesn't exist"? If you have ADHD, the answer is probably yes.

    Although ADHD is a pretty well-known disorder, it's still incredibly misunderstood.

    ADHD sufferers can face doubts from friends and family members about their diagnosis, and pushback from people who perpetuate stigma against medication.

    A Twitter thread from Healthline editor Sam Dylan Finch is making the rounds because it perfectly describes what happens when a person with ADHD runs out of medication.

    As another Twitter user notes, having ADHD often means seeming like a crappy friend.

    And there are many obstacles when it comes to receiving treatment — which are even harder to surmount if your disorder manifests itself as an inability to complete mundane tasks like paperwork.

    Not to mention the fact that half the people you tell about your ADHD will be like, "ADHD isn't even real."

    It's relatable AF to a lot of people.

    And even those without ADHD are hailing the thread as required reading.

    Here's Finch's first tweet:

    And here's a transcript of his whole thread. Be nice to your friends who have ADHD!

    A month ago, I ran out of Adderall. And I think most people who don't understand ADHD would think, "Oh, I bet you were a TOTAL space cadet, huh!"

    But ADHD isn't some silly "whoops, I lost my keys again!" disorder. And I wish more people understood that.

    At first, things seemed fine. When you have ADHD, you're the last one to notice that things are coming unraveled. I was losing a lot of things, but that was manageable. I was double-booking myself a lot, or forgetting I had meetings — funny! But okay.

    But then I started getting so absorbed with projects, and whatever grabbed my attention most immediately, that I started forgetting to text my family and let them know I was still alive (they live in Michigan).

    I'd think to text a loved one, but get distracted by another app until I could've sworn I texted and I actually didn't. People started getting angry with me, but I'd forgotten how long it had been since we talked, because I was still thinking I'd texted them/did. not. notice.

    I'd start things at work and then totally lose track of them. Things that used to take me no time at all started taking hours. I'd zone out so frequently that even simple tasks, like making a bowl of cereal, could take HOURS because I'd get distracted at every step.

    Now, it's the end of the month, and my best friends were thoroughly convinced I hated them, a partner lashed out and broke up with me, my parents wondered if I was dead, my therapist thought I ghosted him, I have more drafts than I know what to do with at work...

    I want you to really think about how many things you do in your life that require SUSTAINED attention, Meaning, it involves multiple steps. Now I want you to think about how many things you do that involve IGNORING other things in front of you. That describes... almost everything

    ADHD is a neurological disorder that impacts executive functioning. Short term memory, the ability to complete tasks with multiple steps, the ability to filter out distractions... it is debilitating in the deepest sense of the word.

    The number of times I got on the wrong bus or train, the number of times I saw an email or text and forgot it, the number of times I thought I submitted paperwork that I actually didn't — these things have a cumulative effect. ADHD can unravel your life at the seams, insidiously.

    Meanwhile, everyone around me sees that I planned a wedding and decorated my new apartment and they think I'm doing AMAZING! And I am! That's called "hyperfocus." We throw ourselves into whatever is most interesting to us... and lose track of everything else.

    And no, I don't get to sit here and say, "IT'S ALL ADHD'S FAULT!" I have coping tools. And I don't get to abandon the people I care about because I'm having brain issues.

    But like my therapist said... unmedicated ADHD is basically like having a brain flu.

    And I wish, so much, that people really and truly understood how hard it is to have a brain that is uncooperative around the most essential aspects of functioning. I'm lucky that most of the people in my life have been gentle with me and haven't personalized it. But it's awful.

    I have a psychiatrist appointment on the 28th that I've been holding out for. Not everyone in my life could hold out for it with me, and I accept and understand that. It's just painful to watch things snowball, knowing that there's only so much I can do.

    And this was my life every single day before I was diagnosed and medicated. Except I was self-medicating, so we got to throw "substance use disorder" on top of all that. That sure helped things!

    People are so used to me being attentive, thoughtful, ambitious, giving, and present. They're used to me excelling at work and being a deeply invested partner. No one realizes how many things I'll drop with a simple shift in my chemicals.

    I just want to point out that for me to be everything that I am, I *need* medication that helps me show up in all the ways that I desperately want to. And there's no shame or weakness in that.

    Cracking jokes about ADHD and Adderall, though... there's a lot of shame in that.

    Be gentle with one another, okay? Your flaky friend, your unreliable friend, your friend that suddenly "drops" you — there's a possibility that they love the hell out of you and that there's something deeper is going on.

    Call them in. Please. Don't push them away.

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    "My house, my rules" can be a slightly inconsiderate mindset in the best of times. And then there's this mess.

    A woman posted on Reddit asking if it was normal for her boyfriend's mom to insist that while staying with the family, she must drive to a separate location to dispose of her used tampons and pads.

    Girl, that is so not normal.

    The poor soul posted her story of woe on Reddit under the throwaway username DestroyerOfTampons— at least she hasn't thrown away her sense of humor!

    Girlfriend has a particularly heavy flow, which is normal for many humans and nothing to be ashamed of.

    So I (24F) was visiting with my boyfriend's (26M) family and was having a particularly heavy period. I sometimes have to wear pads in addition to tampons when it gets this heavy to prevent leakage from destroying my underwear. I can't control it-I'm on birth control and have spoken to my doctor but it is what it is.

    Anyway, BF and I are visiting with his family and I'm trying to not go full Carrie with the bleeding so I have to change my tampon/pad every few hours. There's a guest bathroom that BF and I are using (staying at his parent's house) and there's a trashcan with a lid. Nobody but guests uses this bathroom.

    After a long day of period-having, GF sat down for dinner with the fam.

    BF's mom opened with a period joke, bizarrely, then made the sinister request:

    We're having dinner (BF, me, his mom, his dad, and his 14 year old sister) and my BF's mother says that she made steak cause she knows I can use the iron (lol). That was a bit embarrassing but whatever. But then she decides to use that as a segue to ask me to dispose of my sanitary products somewhere off their property.

    This is an especially insane request because the family " lives in a very rural area-the closest neighbor is a good 5 minute walk (on a dirt road) and the nearest store is ~10 minute drive."

    So girlfriend is being asked to either walk five minutes to throw away her used pads at a NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE (!!!) or drive 10 minutes into town.

    For those who aren't in the know: someone with a heavy period might need to change pads or tampons once an hour. This means the GF would basically be shuttling back and forth from the parents' house to a trash can every half hour. It's inconceivable, TBH.

    The girlfriend specified to the mom that she always takes care to wrap up her period stuff in toilet paper and dispose of it properly. She also pointed out there were no children or animals in the house that could accidentally unleash the contents of the garbage can. So what was the issue?

    The mom flipped out in response.

    She says that she just doesn't want "toxic waste" in the house. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable and also wondering how exactly they handle BF's younger sister's period. But I don't want to embarrass her and the conversation's already ridiculous enough to be having at dinner that I quietly ask if we can talk later.

    Toxic waste?! It gets even worse:

    BF's mom erupts-she starts spewing this angry rant probably more intensely than my lady parts are spewing blood. Says I'm disrespecting their house and their rules and if I can't comply, I need to leave.

    DestroyerOfTampons checked into a hotel 45 minutes away so she could bleed in peace. Menstruation hut, anyone?

    I went to a hotel about 45 minutes away (it was the closest) for the last nights and enjoyed room service while my period finished running its course. BF stayed with his family which I don't blame him for, we live on the other side of the country.

    And the boyfriend decided to stay with his family. Girl... DUMP HIM.

    Now the trip is ruined (obviously) and the girlfriend is questioning her sanity.

    However, the whole thing has now caused a huge rift. BF's family despises me and while BF kept quiet and tried to just keep the peace, he's in a really tough position with his family now. They're saying that if I couldn't compromise for something so small, then I'll be a terrible partner down the line.

    [Am I the a-hole] for getting a hotel instead of driving to a trash area every few hours? I honestly don't know what else I could have done, other than hoarding my used tampons and pads in my luggage, which seems horribly unsanitary and honestly fucking weird.

    It's sad to see that the girl's been so thoroughly gaslit that she thinks she could be anywhere near in the wrong in this situation.

    And thankfully, Reddit agrees: the girlfriend did nothing wrong.

    "girl, run away from bf and his insane family like your tampon string is on fire," wrote USMCWife647.

    And blue_morpho_and_kano says that the boyfriend is a dud: "If your bf can't defend you from his family's period-inspired, reality-denying rage-fest, then HE'S already a terrible partner, and his family will make terrible in-laws down the line."

    EllyStar agrees:

    Your boyfriend is not in any type of difficult position. This was an outrageous demand, and I can understand that he might have been a little bit stunned or taken aback in the moment, but he let you stay at a hotel for three DAYS?

    Consider yourself blessed that this family’s crazy was exposed so early and get out.

    EnglishTeachers suggests the couple get professional help before moving forward with their relationship:

    Is future-husband going to be okay with visiting his parents without you from now on? I certainly wouldn’t go back, and I wouldn’t allow my kids to go, either. YOU can stand up for yourself against his psycho mother, but your kids won’t be able to.

    She decided to call you out about your cycle in public, in front of the family, at dinner. She asked you to leave simply because you left pads in the trash - where they’re supposed to go!

    Honestly OP you and him need some premarital counseling about this issue.

    You heard them, DestroyerOfTampons: Run for the hills away from this insane family.

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    "I just enjoy life now. I just enjoy every morning I get to wake up."


    Congratulations on waking up this morning. It's no easy task. Reward yourself with this list of hilarious memes guaranteed to help you start your day off with a big laugh.





























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    Nobody enjoys getting fired, but sometimes you can definitely see it coming.

    If you work in the service industry or in retail, many bosses will try the "we didn't put you on the schedule" approach. Even worse, sometimes you'll notice that you're training the new person just so they can replace you...

    In office settings, sometimes the realization that you're getting fired is a lot slower. People stop being as nice, your boss avoids eye contact, your responsibilities start getting lighter and suddenly you're alone in the corner at the Christmas party wondering if it's too late to try law school.

    Considering how difficult it is to find a stable job these days with basic benefits like health insurance and keeping your dignity, getting fired is a serious fear. When #SignsYoureGettingFired started trending on Twitter, everyone who shares disdains for the hustle and the grind chimed in on the warning signs. In the workplace and a relationship, if someone says "we need to talk," prepare for the worst.




















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    On Wednesday Kim Kardashian posted a video of her daughter Chicago playing with a snake, and it's received responses ranging from concern to adoration.

    The short video shows the 19 month old giggling as she maneuvers the snake around her neck with the confidence of a trained handler, and the recklessness of a child who hasn't yet reached two years old. There are several points where she grabs the snake's head and steadies it to make curious and domineering eye contact.

    The combination of Chicago's age and her rough handling of the snake had many feeling a bit concerned watching the video, both for the safety of the snake and Chicago.

    However, a lot of people were purely amused by the typical baby confidence Chicago displayed while playing with the snake. Adults, having been burned by life far too many times, would approach the snake with far more caution.

    There was also a running bit in the comments section about the snake representing Taylor Swift, which references Kardashian and Swift's feud that never officially resolved.

    Regardless of whether or not Kardashian meant to send a subliminal message about Swift with this video (it seems unlikely), it certainly stirred up memories of the feud.

    As for the safety of Chicago's snake handling tactics, Grant Kemmerer of Wild World of Animals told Page Six that it's not wise to let a child that young handle an adult albino corn snake.

    "A child at this age doesn’t necessarily understand the fine dexterity needed to handle a delicate animal, and you can see the child is grasping the snake’s neck/body which can make the snake uncomfortable and there’s a chance the snake could be defensive."

    Luckily, no snakes or toddlers were harmed in the making of this social media video.

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    Karamo Brown may be the culture expert on Queer Eye, but he's really out-of-touch with one major facet of the zeitgeist. Despite being in the prime of his career with Queer Eye's popularity at its peak, Karamo has decided to compete on Dancing with the Stars, a destination for washed-up public figures and Palins.

    Joining Karamo is Donald Trump's former Minister of Propaganda, ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicy has been forgotten because he is sooooo two press secretaries ago, but he did immense damage to democracy, lying out his a** about Trump's inauguration crowd size on day one and defending the Muslim Ban. The guy who called concentration camps "Holocaust centers" and continues to fundraise for Trump's reelection now has the opportunity to tango for redemption (and a six-figure salary) and people are pissed.

    "To treat Spicer, and his reason for notoriety, as a harmless joke is to whitewash the harm of what he did, which was to say things so absurdly false that he invited his political side to join him in denying their own eyeballs, to encourage people to believe that facts don’t matter if they hurt your team," James Poniewozik wrote in The New York Times.

    Karamo, however, is cool with befriending a fascist footsoldier, and defended Spicer as a "sweet guy."

    First, on Twitter, Karamo said that the "only way things get better is if we try to educate those who have different POV than us," as if competing against each other in tap-dancing contest would make Spicer less of a homophobe.

    Then, in an interview with Access Hollywood, he said that Spicer is "a good guy, a really sweet guy."

    The defense is rather unconvincing to many.

    Comedian Philip Henry comprehensively called out Karamo in a Twitter thread.

    Karamo must have seen the tweets, because he's having a block (button) party.

    Queer Eye Hip Tip: Don’t be friends with fascists.

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    Facebook is a jungle full of bizarre human interaction. While most of the teens have emigrated to Snapchat and TikTok, the rest of us adults are still shaking our fists at the Facebook algorithm while we share dog photos and updates on our careers.

    Given the rapid changes made to Facebook, the "bio" function has become obsolete for many of our profiles. It exists, but isn't used with the care or fervor it once was, and certainly isn't given the same thought as a Tinder profile or a Linkedin resume.

    However, that doesn't mean the medium of Facebook bio has completely lost its charm. There are many people out there still pouring their heart, soul, and food preferences into the spare lines beneath their profile picture, and the results are nothing short of poetry.

    In a post that quickly spread to the furthest reaches of the internet, the studious Facebook user Kristin Hagan shared a collection of bios written by older women who are baring it all, or in some cases, merely writing the word "pasta."

    some nice old ladies with amazing facebook bios

    Posted by Kristin Hagan on Saturday, August 17, 2019

    One woman has a granddaughter she greatly disapproves of.

    This is a call-out if I've ever seen one.

    While another knows what she likes to order at Burger King.

    It's important to know what you like.

    This woman's cover photo is somehow more terrifying than her all caps bio.

    Are the babies okay?! Is anyone okay?!

    This woman is done with all the DMS from thirsty strangers.

    Who among us isn't?!

    One woman has been experiencing Black Mirror level situations with her printer.

    For the record, I also don't give Facebook permission to print things off my computer. Particularly, since I don't have a printer in my apartment.

    Can Judy please pick up her phone already?

    This is typical Judy behavior, and we will not stand for it any longer.

    The word "pasta" is a life origin story in itself.

    Past is comforting, pasta is steady, pasta is addictive, pasta is...all of us?!

    But also, "seafood" may prove a more controversial food-based bio.

    What kind of seafood does she prefer? Is she aware of Mercury poisoning? Farmed fish or wild?! This bio raises so many questions.

    This woman's self-assurance is by far the most aspirational.

    This bio has heavy Myspace era glitter font vibes.

    This woman could teach a class on affirmations and it would immediately reach full enrollment.

    Bless these women, for the gifts they have given us all with this poetry. In a perfect world, the word "pasta" could serve as shorthand for all of our personal truths. Until then, we have these brave linguistic warriors to thank.

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    Office humor + poetry = magic.

    In honor of National Poet's day, people were turning their complaints about their work environments in art and the results were hilarious, beautiful, weird, and inspiring.

    Of course, the internet wouldn't make a challenge if it wasn't specific. These weren't just your regular office poems--they were haikus. If you can remember from elementary school English class, a haiku is a Japanese poetry style, usually related to nature, that requires a three line structure. The first line is 5 syllables, the second is 7 syllables, and the third is 5 syllables again. It usually doesn't rhyme, which works particularly well when moaning about how nobody fills the Brita in the office kitchen and Mindy keeps accidentally making decaf coffee instead of regular...

    It's time to let out your frustrations and write your own!




















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    When you're a woman on the internet, it's a rare occasion that anything good happens as a result of a dude sliding into your DMs. Direct Messages often come from men who think they're entitled to your time, either personally or professionally; and men who think they're better than you by default and generously offer unsolicited advice.

    A female writer accidentally tweeted a typo, so a self-proclaimed copy-editor generously offered to explain the English language to her.

    Writer Claire McNear gifted the internet with this exchange, and the mansplainer is too stupid to know that he's even being trolled.

    It began with the guy, who has likely never ever made a typo in his life, pointing out the difference between "your" and "you're."

    McNear decided to have some fun, and troll the dude by playing dumb.

    Nice of Timo to generously include a link to grammar-monster.com.

    McNear kept going, pretending to think that the difference between "you're" and "your" is a British vs. American dispute.

    He still thought that she was serious, and put his explaining in overdrive. He got sassy and said "ask any English teacher," and even cited her place of work.

    As a parting shot, McNear cited the history of Connecticut to defend her "synonym thesis."

    Dudes are so quick to assume that women are dumb, it doesn't occur to them that in certain exchanges, there the dumb ones.

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    A wedding is not the best place to announce an engagement. In fact, it might be the worst—since the whole point of a wedding is to shower the bride and groom with attention, not take attention for yourself. So unless the bride and groom explicitly condoned and encouraged it, don't do this. A bridesmaid-turned-bride learned this lesson the hard way.

    After the bridesmaid took attention away from her cousin on her cousin's wedding day by announcing her engagement, she got a taste of her own medicine when she eventually got married and her cousin sabotaged her wedding in a similar way.

    This is a real roller coaster, so hold on to your bouquets!

    The juicy bride-on-bride crime story was shared on Reddit by a cousin of the groom at the first wedding. They write:

    Last summer I was at a cousin's wedding. His bride and her family had been close with ours since before I was born, and the couple had known each other since they were toddlers, so it was a particularly exciting event for both sides of the family.

    After the ceremony at the first wedding, one of the bridesmaids, "Sarah," announced her engagement, taking attention away from the newlyweds.

    However, after the ceremony was over and the party had only just started, one of the bridesmaids decided to announce her own engagement. The attention was immediately taken away from the newlyweds and brought to the bridesmaid (who I'll call Sarah) and her equally-smug fiancé. My cousin's wife (I'll call her Emma) didn't make a scene or utter a single negative word about Sarah. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, but she kept grinning and acted very happy for the other couple. This was unusual, as Emma is typically quite confrontational and speaks her mind no matter the consequences.

    At the time, the bride, "Emma," was upset and looked like she was "on the verge of tears" but didn't call out her cousin for the sabotage and acted "happy" for the couple.

    But then, Sarah picked Emma to be her maid-of-honor at her own wedding. Big mistake.

    Sarah later picked Emma to be the maid of honor at her own wedding, which took place last weekend (I wasn't there for it, but my cousin sent me some of the best bits on snapchat and explained the whole situation).

    This is where the fun begins.

    As maid-of-honor, Emma had control over lots of details of the wedding, including the flower petals that the flower girls would scatter while the bride walked down the aisle.

    At the last minute, she had the white petals switched to blue petals and told everyone to not tell the bride.

    Emma's two much-younger sisters were the flower girls at Sarah's wedding. At the very last moment, Emma switched out the white petals in their baskets to blue ones she had secretly brought with her. She told her sisters not to say anything about it or let the bride see them until it was time to scatter them down the aisle.

    On the day of the wedding, the bride was "confused" about the blue petals but ended up taking it out on the wedding planner.

    Sarah looked very confused upon seeing the blue petals (which didn't coordinate whatsoever with her theme), but of course she didn't say anything about it in the moment. Most of Sarah's other bridesmaids were also Emma's friends, had attended Emma's wedding, and were in on Emma's scheme. At the reception, Emma's sisters and the other bridesmaids were tight-lipped when Sarah began demanding to know why there were blue petals. The wedding planner ended up getting a lot of abuse for not checking the flower girls' baskets before they walked down the aisle.

    Then it was during the speeches that Emma enacted her big revenge moment.

    Finally, it was time for the speeches. The speeches took place in front of a massive screen, displaying a loop of photos with Sarah and her husband, which had been compiled by Emma.

    Emma took the remote that controlled the presentation screen and at first she showed some pre-approved humorous photos of Sarah with Emma and other friends to facilitate a couple lighthearted jokes.

    Then, at the very end, Emma said to Sarah that she must be wondering why there were blue petals instead of the white ones originally planned.

    In the last slide of the presentation, she announced that she was five months pregnant and having a boy.

    That was when Emma displayed the last slide from her presentation.

    Emma announced in front of everyone that she was five months pregnant, and that she'd just discovered the baby was a boy, hence the blue petals. The last slide? Her ultrasound picture.

    There were shocked yells and gasps, Sarah had a fit, but those involved in the scheme cheered so loudly that I sincerely regret watching the snapchat recordings with headphones. Apparently Sarah had been very nasty to her bridesmaids before, driving several of them away and forcing the others to pay ridiculous amounts of money for dresses.

    The bride apparently had a "fit" and threw her cousin/maid-of-honor out of the wedding. But Emma didn't seem too upset to have burned that bridge.

    Emma and my cousin were eventually thrown out of the party, but they were all smiles. Sarah's fuming mother went to confront her outside, and Emma retorted with, "Gentle, gentle! I'm pregnant!"

    I reckon Sarah doesn't speak to the majority of those bridesmaids anymore.

    Wow. What a story. Umm, congrats, everyone?